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The D2 Tower located in the district of La Defense is the first to present a exostructure. Designed by the architectural firm Anthony Béchu - Tom Sheehan, this tower has the double vocation to sew up the urban fabric and provide a refreshing modernity to its environment.

Located along the Esplanade of Defense, the D2 turn transforms the ring road into an urban boulevard where it reinstalls life. It is an urban project that contributes to the revival of La Défense. Of its original architecture, the way was orchestrated its site in its design and methods, materials used, or how it will be inhabited and the contributions it has to its environment, the tower is a D2 testing ground for many innovative solutions of all types.

His exostructure frees pillars trays, concrete self-compacting and "connected" through RFID chips that can remove the formwork errors, or the TWIN elevators that put elevators in the same sheath-saving 25% of space per floor. Beyond its singular aesthetic and refreshing in this neighborhood, the D2 tower is a concentrate of architectural innovations. Inside, the privileged user comfort in a contemporary decor where Interface carpets and handles Normbau find a place of choice.

Place Defense (92) - France
Year 2014
Area 54 000 m²
Budget 175 000 000 €
Project management SOGECAP
Mastery of work Atelier d'architecture Anthony Béchu - Tom Sheehan
Products LAFARGE: plots concrete solution
INTERFACE: resilient flooring
NORMBAU crutches Inox Randi 1073 square 8mm

About : Atelier d'architecture Anthony Béchu - Tom Sheehan

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