08.06.17  Daniel Libeskind and HP: The Z2 Mini Workstation

A few months ago, the architect, urban planner and designer Daniel Libeskind presented in New York, the Z2 Mini brand HP. A miniature workstation offering maximum possibilities!

22.02.17  Dickson Woven Flooring

essential element of the interior decoration, the floor creates the mood of a room. His life should be as long as possible and easy maintenance. His choice is therefore decisive: color, material ... Woven soil Dickson® bring relief and perspective. Developed for the most demanding environments - offices, hotels, shops and restaurants - the Dickson® floors adapt to any space and are used to create elegant ambiences, welcoming and original.

11.10.16  ege: Figura

ege launches new concept Figura: it scans conventions and offer a new system of carpet tiles. Figura offers specifiers and design lovers the opportunity to unleash their creativity and to the ground: the identity of the interior design concept for the service.

27.09.16  KELLER AG: Villa Sorrento

Villa Sorrento is located on the southern coast of Australia, near Melbourne. Its unique situation makes rare union and without any limit between home, surrounding landscapes, beach and water. The main concern of the owner was to retain as much as possible this fluid transition.

14.09.16  Tiles elZinc®: cladding system and roofing made of prefabricated elements

Renovation or new construction, on a Haussmann building or on a contemporary project, prefabricated elZinc® tiles adorn the facades and sloping roofs (of 25º 45º at minimum, depending on the type of tile). Available in 4 models, zinc-titanium tiles elZinc® up with all architectural styles.

31.08.16  HI-MACS: Penthouse in Hamburg

The last two levels of this four-storey building, located on the heights of Harvestehude in Hamburg, have been completely refurbished by the firm of architects Gerdt Architecture Office to give birth to a penthouse on two levels with views breathtaking on the Alster. This penthouse of 1970 years now has a facade HI-MACS, and has a roof terrace of 324 m².

28.04.16  Onion Brick Brac

Designed by the Onion studio, a Brac Brick is a traditional brick part of which deviates from its main body. The arm formed in addition to participating in the creation of a unique texture, is strong enough to provide support for any type of object.

24.02.16  BlazysGĂ©rard: The Collection Workshop

As a tribute to the fashion world, the Atelier collection was inspired by the great creators, their muses and the various forms and techniques of crafts related to high fashion. The Atelier collection was designed by the architectural studio BlazysGĂ©rard and published by Mosaic area.

03.12.15  ege: Figura

With Figura collection, Ege brings a new dimension to the carpet tiles. The playful forms, flexibility of use, associations of materials, tones and colors to customize each project to create a unique design.