Prostoria : Trifidae

Trifidae De prostoria, a variation of the same typology of armchairs, designed by the designers of Numen / For use, refers to the lexical floral field; Buds ready to hatch. The collection is thus an ode in the spring.

The adjective "trifide", often applied to the domain of botany, means "which is divided into three deep divisions over a great part of its length". A double-entry title for this range of tripartite armchairs whose design also refers to succulents - succulent plants.

After years of development, the time had come for the range of Trifidae armchairs to meet its audience. It is done since the Salone del mobile of Milan 2017.
As usual, the brand develops sober and geometric lines: here three superimposed triangular parts and arranged on a cross base available in polished cast aluminum and rounded varnished wood. Thanks to the armrests and the inclination of the backrest, the lumbar and arms of the users are thus comfortably maintained.
The range is divided into four models - a pouf and chairs in high version (available in two widths), low and long, designed by the Croatian design studio Numen / For use, which carries its name better than ever. An elegant and animated tripartite composition proposed in three colors or monochrome.

To learn more, visit The site of Trifidae.

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About prostoria
It is in 2010, not far from Zagreh, that begins the story of prostoria, a Croatian brand whose aim is to bring together design, manufacturing know-how and furniture upholstered under the famous functionalist adage "Form follows function".

"We see aesthetics as an essential human need. Finally, we do not forget to include reasonable prices, to obtain an accessible design. " prostoria

Aesthetics is therefore at the heart of the company's policy, but not because the manufacturer is also keen to apply a long-term, eco-responsible and ethical approach, like its products designed to last in time . The exchange and the respect of each one are thus essential for the brand which never loses sight of that it conceives furniture for people, with the love of the work well done, in a skilful mixture of exchanges, How and tradition. "At Postoria, people design for people," summarizes the sign.

"Our identity is made up of rich contrasts: a Mediterranean sensuality that meets continental rationality. We enjoy sharing our stories by sitting on a hot rock near the sea, in open spaces, business lounges, cottages, and especially in stays that become sleeping havens. " prostoria

Corpus is the winner of MIAWs 2017 in the category Furniture / Armchairs
To learn more, visit The site of prostoria.


The choice of the editorial staff
Muuuz has especially appreciated the daring and elegant design of Trifidae, which also offers an exceptional comfort of seating. In this capacity, the editorial team awards him the Muuuz International Awards 2017 of the Furniture / Armchair category.