Blå Station : Bob

Associated with the designers Thomas Bernstrand and Stefan Borselius, the Swedish company Blå Station presents Bob : A new sofa system with extremely varied compositional possibilities.

Unveiled at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017, the concept conceived by the furniture brand Blå Station consists of padded modules of 26 centimeters thick and a total height of 72 centimeters, designed to fit any type of furniture, spaces. With this system, the variations are numerous: straight sofas, corner or innumerable curves, poufs, armchairs, etc. The idea is to allow its owners to personalize their interior, to make it evolve and to change it according to their desires.

"A sofa system has almost unlimited options, built using the smallest possible number of modules. When ordinary sofas are generally rectangular, square and predictable, Bob offers the architectonic freedom to challenge or adhere to all types of spaces. " Blå Station

The structure of Bob Is made from FSC-certified plywood sheets, covered with styrofoam molded in the workshop and then trimmed with fabrics available in a wide range of colors. The height and depth (59 centimeters) directly flows from the cut to become a compact and easily maneuverable volume. These volumes are based on plastic feet, like all the products manufactured by Blå Station, thus minimizing the contact points on the ground and thus facilitating the movement of the furniture.

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About Blå Station
Blå Station is a family owned business located in a former sewing factory in Åhus, on the south-eastern coast of Sweden. The name comes from the founder of the company, designer Börge Lindau who signed his drawings of the three letters "Blå": B and L for his initials, Å for that of the city where the manufacturer took his quarters. The word "Station" is synonymous with the history of the brand, which at the beginning considered its headquarters as a station, a place where so much could happen. In the beginning, its halls could be transformed into places of exhibition and concerts.

Today, Blå Station offers uniquely shaped furnishings with new materials and an impeccable finishing technique. Most products are made to order, leaving customers to choose their coating from a wide range of fabrics and materials.

Bob is the recipient of MIAWs 2017 in the category Furniture / Modular Seating.
To learn more, visit The site of Blå Station.


The choice of the editorial staff
Thanks to its innovative and refreshing interior design approach, Muuuz's editorial team is proud to count Bob Of Blå Station among its winners and to declare it the grand prize winner in the Modular Furniture / Seating category.