Renson : Skye

European leader in the field of ventilation and solar protection, Renson Skye, A terrace roof with adjustable and retractable aluminum blades.

Thanks to its patented "High Helix Technology" technology, the blades can be united vertically to form a closed roof, or to open completely, Skye Offers the opportunity to enjoy its outdoor summer and winter. When temperatures are high and the user decides not to leave the roof open, hot air can escape between the blades to provide a pleasant atmosphere while providing natural ventilation without overheating. Conversely, if the weather is not right, the roof can be completely enclosed and promises to enjoy a terrace without fear of bad weather. Thanks to the ingenious design of the blades, water can be evacuated if it rains, offering a certain shelter to users and their garden furniture.

Several montages are possible: freestanding, with four vertical columns; Bearing on an external wall, retaining only two vertical columns, or on two walls where no vertical carrier is then necessary.

Its dimensions are variable, up to 4 meters in width and 6,2 in length. Options such as built-in column lighting, sliding glass panels, loudspeakers, or a heating system can enhance this roof. The pergola is connected and the settings are possible from a smartphone application.

To learn more, visit The Skye site.

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About Renson
For more than a century, the manufacturer Renson has been interested in outdoor comfort. It is constantly searching for intelligent, effective and sustainable solutions. With a constant concern for innovation, the Belgian family company works with scientific institutes specialized in energy efficiency. Today, considered a leading European provider of ventilation and sun protection products from 1909, Renson continues to create elements to improve the daily life of its users. In addition, the brand is keen to contribute to the fight against climate change, in particular through the implementation of Kyoto legislation.

Skye Is the winner of MIAWs 2017 in the category Outdoor / pergola.
To learn more, visit The Renson site.


The choice of the editorial staff
With this system of terrace roofing, Renson offers its users a system both ingenious and aesthetic. No more cumbersome pergolas that can not adapt to climate change. With its sleek design and many features, Skye Is considered by the Muuuz editorial team as one of the great outdoor innovations of the year.