Philip Jodidio : Tree Houses

Editions Taschen present Tree Houses, A collection of huts more atypical than the others realized byPhilip Jodidio, Ranging from vernacular to contemporary.

Graduated from Harvard in History of Art and Economics, and after twenty years at the head of the French magazine Knowledge of Arts, Philip Jodidio now lends his pen to the famous publishing house Taschen. His book Tree Houses, First published in 2012, returns this year in small size - 14 x 19,5 centimeters -, in the collection Bibliotheca Universalis. If the size changes, the content remains the same and makes readers discover original houses confined to the tops of the woods. Tea rooms, restaurants or hotels, the realizations are here more than huts at the bottom of the garden but real habitable structures.

The book opens with an illustrated cartography of the fifty selected huts, continues on an exhaustive preface by Philip Jodidio and ends with the presentation of these miniature architectures. Each project is accompanied by texts translated into French, English and German, and a double page of drawings of the houses that Patrick Hruby, an independent designer and designer from Los Angeles (USA), represents with solid colors.

The man descends from the ape, which itself descends from the tree. Nevertheless, he has always kept a special affection for his first habitat, which certainly explains his desire to return to perch in the branches to make his nest there. Tree Houses Is therefore a compilation of the most beautiful arboreal refuges built by man and for man.

Tree Houses by Philip Jodidio, Editions Taschen, collection Bibliotheca Universalis, reissue 2017, multilingual French / German / English or Spanish / Italian / Portuguese, 544 pages, 14 x 19,5 cm, 14,99 euros

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Photographs: Taschen / Patrick Hruby

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