15.06.17  Urban Traits: Promises and Risks of the Digital City

The new issue of Traits urbains looks at the promises and risks of the digital city. Beyond the technological question, these are much broader problems concerning the place of the user and the city of tomorrow which are discussed here.

06.06.17  Architectures: Special Interiors

The June issue of architectures is the annual meeting of the architecture of workspaces, hotels, restaurants and boutiques. Also find the drawing of Martin Étienne, Quèsaco, all the news of furniture and design (Salon de Milan) as well as Ross Lovegrove at Center Pompidou, Thom Mayne in Vals, the new hotel concept of Cyril Aouizerate, Philippe Starck in Singapore, the Design Museum in London by OMA and John Pawson, the new wave of transformations Pantin, the spaces developed by T & P Work UNIT for BETC, Aesop in São Paulo by the Campana brothers ...

14.04.17  Pablo Reinoso: Monograph

This is the 5 editions Continents what output monograph Pablo Reinoso, sculptor-architect making sensation in the art world for over a decade. A 280 page book combines photos and text to better know and understand the mind of the creator.

07.04.17  On architectures: Le Grand Paris Writers

What news for the Grand Paris in spring 2017? The latest architectural competition for future stations of the automatic subway? The first results of the consultations will reinvent the Metropolis or the Seine? The highly anticipated inaugurations of several flagship equipment? Another event attracted our attention: the publication in January, the new novel by Aurélien Bellanger. Considered in its metropolitan dimension, the capital she also regenerate his fictional matrix? We asked several contemporary writers, whom we asked to comment on the imaginary charge and the symbolic significance of some of the projects that are now the architectural events of Greater Paris.

31.03.17  Villa Noailles - Hyères: The Box Of Night

This year, the Villa Noailles in Hyères (83), dedicated his annual architectural exhibition theme nightclubs: The Nightclub. For those who missed the event, the exhibition is now available in a book of the same name, which brings new content both in the texts but especially in the images.

30.03.17  Urban Features: Public spaces for all

After a recent dossier on how planners see their (s) work (s) (read urban Traits No. 87), up to landscapers. Designers of what makes the base of the urban project, throughout the territory as large as that of the near space, they claim a strategic impact.

22.02.17  AJAP 2016: The exhibition catalog

The catalog of the exhibition dedicated to the winners of 20 2016 AJAP is available in bookstores. Go to City of Architecture & Heritage 28 February to April 9 2017 to get acquainted with the production of this new promotion. The exhibition will then start roaming in France until the proclamation of the winners of the 2018 edition, and abroad through the French Institute network.

27.01.17  urban traits: what Planners (s) work (s)?

Urbanist what (s) work (s)? Is the theme generously covered by the record of the next urban features magazine. The folder including return on a planning change that must adapt and acclimatize to the end of a growth company. The recipes are probably in a version of the discipline where project efficiency becomes paramount and where the public interest is spearheading.

12.12.16  Peter Chadwick: Archi Brut

Peter Chadwick, deeply passionate graphic designer and inspired by the brutalism, this book offers with a broad overview of this fascinating architectural style through prestigious examples. Published in black and white, the famous work movement and highlights many treasures of the brutalist architecture present all over the world.