Jaime Hayon : Hôtel Barceló Torre de Madrid

Thanks to his art, design and product design projects, the Spanish interior designer Jaime Haynon has built a reputation of world renown. A know-how placed today at the service of his native city, Madrid, with the development of the Hotel Barceló located in the Tower of Madrid.

For this project, conceived in the heart of the city where it was born, Jaime Haynon takes us on an architectural journey through Spanish history, tinged with Arab and Moorish influences.

With 258 rooms, spread over nine of the 34 floors of the Madrid Tower, the Barceló Hotel offers its guests all the luxury and comfort of a five star establishment: a restaurant, a pool / spa area or a rooftop. The whole is decorated with exuberant elements that go offset with a purified architecture: sculptures, colored volumes and other fantastic objects, like the immense zebra bear receiving the new arrivals. The presence of blue and pastel green brighten the decor while ensuring its sobriety. The bar, dressed in wood and marble, stands at the back of the reception, behind two partitions pierced with arches, the motif of which is also taken from the shelves used to store the bottles. The furniture joins the ceiling six meters high, itself furnished with mirrors, which further enlarge this vast volume.

With this luxurious and luxurious work, the Madrid interior architect gives a new lease of life to the legendary Tour de Madrid, designed by architect Julián Otamendi in the 1950 years.

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Photographs: KluderBie

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