Capella Garcia : Mextizo Restaurant

Alliance Spain and Mexico, Barcelona restaurant Mextizo rhymes quality cuisine with comfortable and contemporary setting. Designed by the Catalans Capella Garcia, this mecca of gastronomy plays with natural light and textures, combining five atmospheres, always warm.

The entrance is through a semi-outdoor space, located midway between the traditional room and the terrace, which can be opened on the street in summer and closed in winter. To the west of this patio sits a large oval bar coated wood cleats and topped by a large marquee brass. In front of it, a first space welcomes guests came to taste the hybrid kitchen of the inn whose name is a contraction of "Mexico" and "mestizo" - Métis Spanish. With light wood tables and plant keys, this corner clean design is a continuation of the veranda, enjoying the natural light provided by the large windows guillotine. Here, the white marble alongside oak.


By pressing of advantage in the restaurant, to the east, is a more intimate seating area. With its large sofa surrounding a marble table, the place is conducive to private conversations. On the wall, a work by Steffi Herr added Mexican touches with skulls reproductions.

The customer then enters a large hallway leading to the dining room, surrounded by a kitchen also studded with wooden battens. In the center of the space sits a block lined with bicolor fabric repeating pattern "X" of the sign. A plant chandelier illuminates the whole. East of this block, other tables are arranged and overhung by a Ronan installation and Erwan Bouroullec fabric acoustic properties. On the other side of this area, the spaces defined by screens can accommodate more guests maintaining comfort and privacy.

The opportunity to discover a pleasant and relaxing away from the bustle of the Catalan capital where he is as good a drink that taste of Mexican and Iberian preparations.

Photos: Mondo Mextizo

To learn more, visit le site Capella Garcia

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