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For the fifth consecutive year, the MAMO - Marseille Modulor, the Art Center of the Cité Radieuse in Marseille (13), created by Ora-ïto, invites an artist to take a look at a particular rooftop Designed by Le Corbusier. This time, it is the turn of Jean-Pierre Raynaud to reinterpret this mythical place with a view at 360 degrees on the Phocaean City.

On the roof of Le Corbusier's famous production, the Parisian artist follows four prestigious predecessors such as Xavier Veilhan, Daniel Buren, Dan Graham and Felice Varini. In response to Ora-ïto's invitation, the artist placed on the roof of the Cité Radieuse a work full of meaning and symbols: a blue arrow of 18 meters long in steel, slightly elevated from the ground, pointing towards the Old building school. Inspired by the signage of the daily newspaper, it is also in keeping with the exhibition "We have no interest in escaping what we are", presented in 2013 at the gallery Laurent Strouk in Paris (8e) .
The exhibition is also complemented by a retrospective selection of the artist's work, presenting the seriesSelf-portraits1 000 containers containing debris from the houseAs well as the filmThe House of Jean-Pierre RaynaudDirected by Michelle Porte in 1993.


"The arrow is first of all the trace of man, one of the oldest signs of writing found on the walls of caves. The arrow is also a weapon and it is also a direction. (...) Also it is not insignificant that a man grabs him to say "here", to say "I" am the one who marks, who prints his trace to capture space. Ambition is immense, out of bounds. The place thus signed becomes unique through this artistic gesture. " Jean-Pierre Raynaud, artist

The work is thus a signal with multiple interpretations: does it indicate a special direction? Does he direct the artist? Who is it for?

"Here", until 1er October 2017 at MAMO, Marseille (13).

For more information, visit the website of Jean Pierre Raynaud and MAMO

Photographs: Cédreic Alliot

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