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Only a few days to visit the exhibition "Megastructures, Size the future, the figures of excess", presented at the Lieu Unique in Nantes (44). An event organized on the occasion of 40 years the Pompidou Center, the building itself is a mega-structure. Back on architecture and philosophy that marked the 1960 years.

In the bookMegastructure: urban future of the recent past (1976), author and critic Reyner Banham defines the term mega-structure:
"Large, the mega-structure was constructed of modular units; they were capable of great extensions, see limitless; structural network within which smaller structural units (eg rooms, homes or small buildings, etc.) can be built - or even "pluggées" or "clipped" after being manufactured elsewhere. " Reyner Banham

We here witnessed a dip at the heart of these objects, fruit architectural fantasies of an era, highlighted by air scenography Laurence Fontaine and Antoine Lichtenberg. The curators of the exhibition, Aurélien Lemonier (Director of the National Museum of History of Immigration in Paris) and Gwenaël Delhumeau (professor at ENSA Versailles), and offer visitors to experience this current of thought through drawings and models in six major themes.

The project Standardize infinitelylocated in the heart of the presentation space is an installation produced for the occasion and performed by the students of the École nationale supérieure d'architecture de Versailles. This suspended three-dimensional structure is the result of research architect Konrad Wachsmann German (1901-1980), who worked from the 1950 years on the development of a universal tridimentionné structural process, the elements are linked by a single model of connector.

Five other areas organized around this project complement the subject: "space game", "Action: the real and its double", "Vision and forecasts", "Technical processes and technological metaphors" and "The reciters: Myths and liturgy a modern way. "

The visitor is then brought to question three themes: the limit of an infinite world mégastructurels introduced by these projects, their effects on architecture and society, or the relation to time. To articulate these subjects for reflection, three complementary lines of thought are also proposed. The first focuses on the technical approach of mega structures, also known as thespace frames"Articulation nodes" of three-dimensional structures. The second addresses the media coverage and dissemination by critics; and the last tribute to the Pompidou Center which is one of the few built mega structures.

The architectural projects presented, both by the fascination or anguish they exercise, by excitement or disappointment they inspire, all suggest a state of habitat crisis, which eventually apply again today.

"Megastructures", until May 21 2017, Le Lieu Unique, Nantes (44)

1) Paul Maymont, study extension of Paris
2) Yona Friedman, Paris Space
3) Yona Friedman Study of the space city

PhotographsMartin Argyroglo

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