16.06.17  Plastic Fantastic: Loud Shadows

In the midst of a forest on the island of Terschelling (Netherlands), an enchanted bubble floats. Loud Shadows, set up as part of the Dutch cultural festival Oerol, is a special artistic and landscape scene. Throughout the event, this transparent spherical space hosts a multitude of artistic performances.

15.06.17  Mini Maousse 6: The new house of the best days

Launched in the spring 2015, the 6e edition of the biennial Mini Maousse contest was devoted to the "New House of the Best Days". Near 200 participants have designed, either alone or in teams, a temporary dwelling unit, modular, adaptable, stackable, removable and transportable. After examination of the files, 8 projects have been selected and presented at an exhibition presented at the City of Architecture and Heritage.

13.06.17  Sabine Marcelis: Radiant

Until the 30 July, the New Zealand and Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis exhibited his new Fuse collection at the Gallery S. Bensimon. The opportunity to discover a series of luminaires realized in collaboration with the CIAV (Center International d'Art Verrier) of Mesisenthal (55), known for the excellence of its know-how in the field of blown glass.

05.06.17  Festival: A summer in Le Havre

During the summer season, Le Havre organizes its art festival throughout the harbor city. Four months of festivities, serving a former martyr city that this year celebrates the 500 years of its foundation and, more broadly, its rebirth since the destruction known during the Second World War.

22.05.17  Nendo Studio: Invisible Outlines

Under the direction of Oki Sato, the Japanese studio nendo is gradually emerging as one of the great names of design, with creations as poetic as delicate. For the exhibition "Invisible Outlines" presented at the Grand-Hornu (Belgium), the collective is interested in the contours of objects and their various manipulations, dealing in particular with the relationship between shadow and light.

17.05.17  Le Lieu Unique: Megastructures

Only a few days to visit the exhibition "Megastructures, Size the future, the figures of excess", presented at the Lieu Unique in Nantes (44). An event organized on the occasion of 40 years the Pompidou Center, the building itself is a mega-structure. Back on architecture and philosophy that marked the 1960 years.

16.05.17  City of Architecture & Heritage: The Architect, portraits and snapshots

The Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine in Paris (16e) currently presents "The Architect, portraits and snapshots," an exhibition tracing the evolution of the role and image of the profession within the company and through ages, from ancient to contemporary Imhotep Frank Gehry.

10.05.17  Small pm and François Azambourg: States limits of creation

small hotel is the latest of Hermes. His watchwords? Reuse and reinvent. The classic French brand and resume life under the guidance of designers and workshops with which it collaborates. As part of the On Days, small hotel, François Azambourg and the International Glass Art Center present the exhibition "limit states of creation", combining leather and glass.

09.05.17  On Days Festival: Let's Play

D'Days festival has just inaugurated its 17e edition staying true to its purpose: to promote the design and creation through dynamic and collective effervescence. To discover in the nave of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris (1er), a selection of works distributed in twenty pavilions.