Giulia & Ruggero : Patchwork

After careful study of refugee reception centers and their layouts, the Italian design duo Giulia & Ruggero imagine patchwork fabric, a screen that meets the needs of migrants while preserving privacy and allowing personalization.

Following an analysis of the conditions of accommodation and cohabitation of the refugees in the Italian centers, Giulia and Ruggero were able to note several problems: first, no privacy is possible since residents sleep in dormitories where nothing separates them beds. Then, no installation allows them to store or suspend their clothes. The few cupboards in the rooms are not solid, the handles break regularly, thus favoring losses and thefts.


"Our challenge is to improve inclusively the quality of life of different people in different contexts of cohabitation. " Giulia & Ruggero, designers

To improve the living conditions of these stateless persons, Giulia & Ruggero develop a screen that, besides delimiting an area of ​​intimacy for its owner, brings many answers to the problems mentioned. Thanks to the installation of a rod, a space for shoes, and three wall hangers, the organization of the effects is now easy and no longer requires to redouble imagination simply to hang a jacket by example. Added to that, a closet equipped with a pierced handle that can accommodate a padlock. On a blackboard and a shelf, it is possible to arrange photos, messages, plants or decorative objects in such a way that these exiles feel a little more at home and not in a dreary and impersonal place.

If designers are interested in the fate of refugees, their solution also adapts to homeless centers, youth hostels or student residences, thus providing a functional and aesthetic response to difficult cohabitations.

To learn more, visit the site of Giulia & Ruggero

Photographs: Giulia & Ruggero

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