Zupagrafika : The Constructivist

To all aspiring architects, this book is for you! The Constructivist, Published by the creative design studio Zupagrafika, allows everyone to reproduce the greatest architectural masterpieces of the eponymous Russian avant-garde movement in miniature and colorful versions.

Specialists in creative works, the Polish people of Zupagrafika are employed in each of their projects to introduce in a playful way post-war modernist constructions. Previous works include, for example, books Brutal East, Brutal London ou Paris Brut, All designed on the same model: a set of cardboard patterns of iconic buildings, accompanied by a short description and some archive photos.


"Objects in our hands should also be equals, also be comrades ..." Alexandr Rodchenko, Russian artist, 1925

Dance The Constructivist, The studio is particularly interested in the USSR's achievements between 1920 and 1930, and offers one-day readers a chance to build their own Trotsky building in St. Petersburg, or Nikolaev'a and Melnikov houses, The geometry fits perfectly with a miniature manual mounting. The volumes are simple and entertaining through the use of primary colors and anthropomorphic shapes.

What to familiarize the younger with History, and create, who knows, the architects of tomorrow!

To learn more, visit The site of Zupagrafika

Photographs: Zupagrafika

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