Luis Aguilera : Thalassophile

Winter is coming ! Ouf, thanks to the work of the Venezuelan photographer Luis Aguilera, we are back in summer! Using a drone, the artist flies over the white sand of South Beach Beach in Miami (USA), capturing unique snapshots of Florida's overcrowded seashore.

Luis Aguilera shoots at more than 200 meters in height to the fascinating atmosphere. Unlike Martin Parr, who photographs his subjects as individuals - and more precisely, as vacationers - the South American artist captures the human mass and is interested in the compositions that umbrellas, coolers on the virgin canvas that is the beach.


The série Thalassophile - which means "passionate about the oceans" - emphasizes the smallness of the man facing the natural elements and, in this case, facing the Big Blue. For, from above, the seaside population is like an ant-hill, composed of little things which, compared with the ocean, are nothing. A work that takes advantage of new technologies since a few years ago, the realization of this type of photographs would have been possible only by helicopter or balloon, multiplying thus constraints, costs and risks.

Beyond the paintings that form these summer gatherings, the artist is also captivated by the attitudes of the seaside, such as equipment, installations or tacit codes between people. His observation: we all do more or less the same thing once installed on the sand. The unit of outfits, accessories and positions strikes images of the Venezuelan who frozen on glossy paper that globality that makes us a small part of a group, itself tiny in front of the Pacific.

A series of hypnotizing clichés putting perspective in everyone's place in the world.

To learn more, visit the site of Luis Aguilera

Photographs: Luis Aguilera

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