Studio GGSV : Galerie Party

To celebrate its 40 years, the Center Pompidou organizes a series of events throughout France and of course in its eponymous Parisian building. To do this, it gives carte blanche to the designers of the Parisian studio GGSV which reinvents the Children's Gallery located in the hall of the museum. The artists imagineGallery Party, A total work, mixing design, architecture, audiovisual and games.

The space created by the Parisian studio plunges us into the strange and fantasized two small clandestine inhabitants of the Center Pompidou, and Gallaé Séphante, hidden for years in the institution's corners. Their home is inspired by Container Zero By Jean-Pierre Raynaud, an iconic work belonging to the permanent collection of the institution. From its chimney escapes a blue inflatable structure, reminiscent of the technical sheaths enthroned above Beaubourg. This dream area is called the Galeroom And materializes the wildest dreams of the two protagonists.


"Sephante, I had an incredible dream! I walked into a gallery and at the bottom of the corridor I saw a fountain of paint. I leaned over the basin, shapes came out! As soon as I thought of one thing, she came out of the fountain. The fountain made the shapes that were in my head! One after the other ! " Gellaé, curious resident of the underground of the Center Pompidou

Within this floating volume, abstract and figurative motifs blend, like the works presented in the museum. In this circular space are projected the dreams of Gallaé through a moving chimeric rosette.

This set takes place in a French garden represented on a carpet in contemporary trompe-l'œil composed of motifs, optical effects and games of perspective. References to the architectural components of the district are numerous with a simplified version of the Stravinsky fountain arranged in the center of the Children's Gallery or even inflatable miniatures reproducing the large white extraction chimneys present on the forecourt and behind the cultural center.


Boxes are arranged randomly in this fantastic landscape and contain surrealist building elements, some of which are inspired by visible achievements in the Center Pompidou. Foam lobster claws, derived from Phone Dalí and the Lobster Of Koons; Or feet with four toes recalling those imagined by the street-artists of the district, Ella & Pitr. Children are invited to assemble these shapes together with PVC pipes and to create their own sculptures, then to dispose of the central fountain of this creative eden.

Ludic space is not only for toddlers, but also allows the older ones to free themselves from the sometimes heavy elitism of contemporary art by creating, in turn, imaginative liberation structures.

Party Gallery, Studio GGSV, of 20 May 2017 to 5 March 2018 at the Center Pompidou, Paris (4e) with the participation of Liu Bolin of 9 September 2017 to 8 January 2018 then Morgane Tschiember of 20 January 2018 to 5 March 2018).

To learn more, visit The Studio GGSV website

Photographies: Michel Giesbrecht

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