Beomsik Won : Archisculpture Photo Project

Designer of buildings without being an architect, assembler of collages in three dimensions without being a sculptor, and amateur photographer, the Korean Beomsik Won is a singular artist. His field: the manipulation of photographs to create dream and surreal architectures, Archisculpture Photo Project.

At the foundation of this work of Beomsik Won: a vast personal collection of photographs completed during his studies at the Slade School of Fine Art in London; And above all an unlimited creativity. A process that can be described as both deconstruction and reconstruction since the artist dismantles existing buildings to create new ones.

Divided into two chapters, Collage et Antigravity, The project proposes chimerical architectures paradoxically placed most often in empty fields or decors unrelated to its composition, such as a marina, a canal or very eccentric cities. Beomsik Won manages to combine styles, epochs, dimensions and places, to develop monumental imaginary buildings and specific atmospheres, between the suffocating and the fantastic. In particular, the viewer can see a testimonial message from our current built environment, through a vision that is either utopian or distopic, but definitely imaginary.

"My interest in architecture stems from its gigantic aspect and its pragmatic functions. When I observe buildings of large sizes or having a particular design, I take a picture more often, so I collected hundreds of shots. Nevertheless, I can not use these pictures directly because even if I am the photographer, it remains the work of the architect. So I decided to use them as material supports for my artistic creations, such as marble or bronze. " Beomsik Won

Beomsik Won conceptualizes his art in a very marked respect for the works he photographed, attaching a will to rethink architecture by the principle of deconstruction.

Illustrations: Beomsik Won

To learn more, visit Le site de Beomsik Won

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