Ludwig Heimbach Architektur : A Float of Immaterial Pleasures

As part of the exhibition "Kenchiku Symposion" of the Kyoto Art Center, located in the former capital of Japan, the architects of the agency Ludwig Heimbach Architektur based in Cologne (Germany) install a participatory structure questioning the possible interactions but also prohibited in the public space in Japan.

Placed in the courtyard of the museum, the installation is interested in the prohibitions - sometimes ridiculous - that prevail in Japan. An original theme, which piqued the curiosity of the German agency Ludwig Heimbach Architektur and led to the work A Float of Immaterial Pleasure - translate "a flood of immaterial pleasures" - centered on two prohibitions of the most poetic: that of kissing and that of feeding the birds.


An astonishing building composed of a series of plywood panels and fabrics, alternating full and empty, forming three boxes to enjoy a kiss discreetly and why not fraternize with volatiles out of sight. An unobvious link between two distant gestures that has already inspired the French composer Olivier Messiaen in the 1950 years when he described birds as "Messengers of immaterial pleasures", and source of major influence of the agency for this realization.

Moreover, if the notion of immaterial seems contradictory to architectural practice, the designers of the project do not seem to stop at this oxymoron and imagine a possible connection between "immaterial pleasures" and built. The work contains as much material as it is devoid of it, since it is designed to be in perpetual evolution. Indeed, spectators are invited to complete the structure in a sound atmosphere thought by the musician Carlo Peters, evoking the whistling warblers. In order to anchor the composition even more in the real world, the architects endow it with four small basins so that the birds come to bathe there and freshen up briskly.

Besides, what is more precious and immaterial than a kiss? Stolen, passionate, stealthy, languorous ... all will find their place in the heart of the three volumes specially designed to respond to postures conducive to hugs.

And, approaching Valentine's Day, it's hard to be more romantic than a hidden embrace, punctuated by the chirping of birds.

To learn more, visit the website of Ludwig Heimbach Architektur

Photographs: Nobutada Omote

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