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In the heart of the Côtes de Provence, between pines, vineyards and mountains, lies the new winery Ott estate, realized by Carl Fredrik Svenstedt. An architecture that, beyond its vernacular references, intervenes in the process of vinification itself.

Dominating the horizon, the building of 4 200 square meters consists of a massive parallelepiped of 95 meters long by 30 wide, one of the longitudinal facades forms a rounded, in response to the curves of the road that runs along it . Its counterpart, located in the north-west faces the hills and the sunny restanques. It is organized in three parts arranged in a row from north to south: a reception area with offices and reception and tasting area; a double-height production area with impressive fermentation tanks and a large storage area; and an interior courtyard intended for deliveries, camouflaged behind a mineral casing which is inscribed in the continuity of the building.

Echoing the regional architectural heritage in stone, the master of the work, a specialist of the material, realizes a 10 high wall enclosure made up of monumental and self-supporting limestone blocks (100 x 100 x 50 centimeters, for a total weight of one ton), extracted in a local quarry.
The checkered layout or vertical blades of these masses, in front of large picture windows, allows to filter the sunlight to limit the overheating and to protect the precious bread sensitive to the variations of temperature, while creating dim lighting.


The winegrowing building maintains a strong relation with its site, of which it marries the slope and in which it is partially buried. The stepped arrangement of the two lower levels has the effect of making the construction thermally stable but also accompanying the process of vinification by simple action of gravity: the result of the grape harvest passes from the cuvons to the vats, without pump of raising nor crossing of flow.

The building puts our taste buds on the alert while enjoying an unrestricted view of the vineyards.

To learn more, visit the site of Carl Fredrik Svenstedt Architect
Photographs: Carl Fredrik Svenstedt Architect

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