SHAU : Microlibrary Bima

In order to address the problems of illiteracy in Indonesia and the exile of students to countries better equipped for educational infrastructure, the 100 Microlibraries program aims to make reading and libraries more accessible to disadvantaged populations. Built by the international architecture agency SHAU, the Microlibrary Bima Is the first of a long series to come.

Located in the Taman Bima district of the city of Bandung (Indonesia), this first Microlibrary, Built on the initiative of the mayor of the city, overlooks a concrete square frequently used by the population for gatherings and sporting events.


In order not to change the habits of the people of Taman Bimades and their appropriation of the place, SHAU integrates, under the volume of the library, a space of meeting located on the ground floor, in free access and outdoors, to Shelter from the sun and rain. This feature added to the initial program also attracts locals who may never have wandered through the shelves. Reading rooms are often deserted in disadvantaged areas such as this one, indeed it was necessary to find a way to attract the curious. The Microlibrary Thus intercepts the passer-by with his cantilevered room arranged on a structure post / steel beams.

With a small budget, the owners had to compete with their imagination to develop a coating that kept the interior cool, without air conditioning ... For this they used 2 000 ice cream buckets maintained By a steel frame, slightly inclined towards the ground to avoid the stagnation of the water in bad weather. The direction of attachment of these receptacles varies so as to form on the front the text "Books are the windows of the world" In Indonesian.

An original educational program that is already bearing fruit since a primary school in the region takes its quarters in the library twice a week. A nice way to gently sensitize the neighborhood members to reading.

To learn more, visit The site of SHAU

Pictures: Sanrok Studio

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