5+1AA : Siège BNL BNP Paribas

Imagined by the Franco-Italian agency 5 + 1AA, the new Roman headquarters of the BNL-BNP Paribas group takes place near the Tiburtina station, east of the city. With its kaleidoscopic and reflective coating, the building, surrealist, surprises in an area between residential areas and manufacturers.

Between the districts of Tiburtina and Pietralata, and around a water tower dating back to the 1930 years, the architects of the 5 + 1AA agency realize an imposing complex of 40 222 square meters dedicated to the activities of the firm BNL-BNP Paribas, which can accommodate more than 3 000 employees. Thanks to its V-shaped plan and its elevation on 16 000 square meters, this glass-fronted vessel is proudly displayed on this industrial area marked by banality.


The composition chosen by the designers is binary and depends on the point of observation: from the station of Tiburtina, to the south-east; Or from the district of Pietralata, to the north-west. On the rail side, the user of the railway network thus follows a faceted and irregular construction made of horizontal zigzag strips - 235 x 50 meters -, dynamically reflecting the panorama observable from the train.
On the street side, this impression of movement is intensified. The undulating surface gives way to a succession of volumes, more or less set back from the facade decorated with staircases, which meander over its entire height and whose brown color contrasts with the silvery skin of the building. On the patio side, 5 + 1AA also uses the copper color with ceramic siding.

The envelope of this vast building draws its inspiration from various works by artists or directors who have worked on the perception of reality, such as the surrealist Magritte.

"We like the question of cinema and the staging of realities. Cinema changes the relationship between seeing and watching. This notion can be applied to architecture. It is the act of seeing that is very important. " Alfonso Femia, Project Manager

More than a simple economic seat, this achievement is an architectural jewel, combining opacity and transparency, inertia and movement, or disproportionality and poetry, which, it seems, will help to reinforce the radiance of the Eternal City.

To learn more, visit The site of 5 + 1AA

Photographs: Luc Boegly

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