CEBRA - Glifberg+Lykke : Street Dome

Located on the harbor Haderslev (Denmark), the Street Dome, Realized by the Danish architectural agency CEBRA and the designers Glifberg + Lykke, hosts a huge skatepark, sneakers, a climbing wall and a canoe club. A sports and cultural center with an area of ​​6 000 square meters that attracts skateboarders from all over the world.

This gigantic dome, which is defined as a place of sociability, brings together various sports activities, while allowing people of all ages and all levels coexist there. It is the idea of ​​Morten Hansen - local activist and president of the Association SkateCity - who wanted to create a cultural platform incorporating a wide area of ​​activity but also relaxing.

The exterior consists mainly of 4 500 skatepark square meters, divided into two areas: a "street" part - which does not include ramps, with flat floor and furniture - and a "park" area including curves , quarters - Ramp halves -, and inclined planes arranged against the dome made of concrete and wood and covered with polycarbonate panels and natural foam. This book based on the concept of the igloo and breaks with the linear landscape of the port.


Under the same dome there are three very diverse activities: skateboarding, climbing and basketball, each with its own constraints and infrastructures. The whole is sheltered by a vast framework of 40 meters of height. The concrete wall that encloses this large circular space is occupied by alcoves in plywood that allow the athletes to rest. Thanks to the opening of red polycarbonate gates, the interior can be connected to the outside and form a large continuous space.


Le Street Dome, With its versatility, while benefiting a very large number of people practicing different sports, but also to simple walkers, joggers and fishermen wanting to enjoy the sea air port in a prodigious architectural framework that is already a reference in office the world of skateboarding.

Photo: Mikkel Frost / CEBRA

To learn more, visit The site StreetDome

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