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Matteo Inches: Home Switzerland

Swiss architect Matteo Inches recently completed renovation of an old farmhouse in the heart of "nucleo", the historical center of a small town in southern Switzerland. Without altering the position of windows and the existing roof, in accordance with local planning regulations, he transformed the old building into a house the released, the concrete floors and white walls space.

On this project, Matteo Inches states:

"The house was an old farm storage, then residence for a poor 6 person family and recently, only at level 0, the meeting place for the main political party in town.

The project deals with the strict swiss laws that don't allow to modify existing openings and roof structure of the building on the outside.

The project though wants to take out the most out of the 6 x 6 meters of the interior spaces and to underline the massive structure of the thick old walls of the existing building.

Finally, i believe renovations of existing building is a forced answer to the increasing urban sprawl and waste of land in the italian part of Switzerland."

For more information, visit the website Studio Inches Architettura.

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