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House by L'Autre Fabrique

A Saint-Hilaire-Du-Rosier, near Saint-Marcellin Isère, the architectural firm L'Autre Fabrique transformed this old house into a house for a young couple. The unassuming street facade, space is fluid and contemporary and the wide side garden.

On this project, "The Other Manufactures" says:

"After more than a year to find a building plot to achieve a contemporary house, this young childless couple finally opted for the restructuring of a house, inherited e of a grandmother and uninhabited for some years in St. Hilairedu-Rosier, near Saint-Marcellin (Isère). Located in the town center, along national old between Grenoble and Valence, this house on three levels, however, had a quiet garden to the rear.

All real estate front street was composed of two adjoining houses met. The project was therefore to create a unique space that make you forget the previous aggregation and chaotic generously open to the rear at sunset and immune to noise.

The rear facade was completely reorganized: the growths were 40 years demolished to recover the alignment with the adjoining houses. Slightly raised, a new facade in wood frame pierced with large windows give the desired offset contemporary stamp by the sponsors. The use of horizontal wood siding is a wink to discrete dryers and nut tobacco typical of this region of southern Isère.

Bordered to right by the old shed and pigs left with a new boundary wall, the wide wooden deck that extends the living area to the outside is well preserved terraced views. Above the shed pig, which is now used for storage, a second terrace accessed from the master bedroom allows you to enjoy more fully the last rays of sun. The interior volume is organized around a large flanked empty a staircase whose steps door to were false made of brushed steel voluntarily left Gross. Ground floor living space is entirely free.'s kitchen, open to the volume double height stretches a facade another home. The central island houses the washing area and serves bar while the cooking area is extended by deeper cabinets incorporating laundry.

In Upstairs a mezzanine plunging on the central vacuum makes the link with the party night. The floor joists on the original wood has been preserved to here. The owners have deliberately chosen for a single room but spacious bathroom, directly accessible from the dressing room to the master bedroom and from the clearance for the guest room. As in the attic, it was isolated and will be a slice of future work.

The choice of paints and flooring helps the harmony of the whole and varies from semi matte black in the guest toilet, with sandy tones or chocolate living spaces. On the floor, the ceiling clearance "powder pink" Dixit-the owner- enhances all and turns as a unifying ribbon.

The energy improvement works were funded by eco-loan zero. They consisted in the installation of joinery larch 4/16/4 double glazing, device dubbing all the walls and attic, and floor heating fed DRC by a pump air powered heating heat eau.plancher by a pump air-water heat. "

To learn more, visit L'Autre Fabrique.

Cr & eacute; Photographic said: Luc Boegly

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