Bathroom, wellness

17.05.16  David Burles: Private penthouse to the Monts du Lyonnais

The Monts du Lyonnais, David Burles makes the bathroom a private penthouse at the heart of verdurée plain. In continuation of the bedroom and dressing room, the interior designer imagines a timeless and warm place where wood and stone are mixed in a contemporary spirit. For this project, David Burles won the Trophy 3ème price Axor 2015 in the Residential category.

27.04.16  Blanchet d'Istria: Hotel Balthazar

In Rennes, the agency Blanchet d'Istria realizes the bathrooms of the hotel Balthazar. Sylvie Blanchet and Thierry d'Istria imagine refined spaces where industrial and comfort are combined with sobriety.

12.04.16  Emma Wibault + MBA Agency: Private residence in London

In London, Emma realizes Wibault renovating a family home. The interior designer imagine a bright and functional bathroom in compliance with the Victorian architecture of the house. For this project, Emma Wibault and MBA agency won the prize 2nd Trophy Axor 2015 in the Residential category.

12.04.16  Rémi Giffon: Chalet Maria

Courchevel 1850, Rémi Giffon imagine the bathroom of a suite on the top floor of one of the most beautiful chalets of the resort. The interior architect designs a refined and intimate universe, which combines comfort, elegance and authenticity. For this project, Atelier Remi Giffon won the Trophy 1er price Axor 2015 in the Residential category.

11.04.16  Catherine Pommier: Château de Massillan

A Uchaux, Catherine Pommier designs bathrooms Trianon of the Sun, in the former stables of the Château de Massillan. The interior designer blurs the boundaries between inside and outside and imagine a place in harmony with nature, where natural, organic and environmentally friendly materials to encourage fullness. For this project, Catherine Pommier won the Trophy 1er price Axor 2015, in the category Hotels.

11.04.16  Lally & Berger: The Yule Hotel

In Val d'Isère, Lally & Berger agency realizes the renovation of the hotel's bathrooms The Yule, 5 a star on the slopes. The architects reinvent the codes of mountain chalet and imagent living spaces warm and friendly, northern accents. For this project, the agency Lally & Berger won the prize 3e Trophy Axor 2015, in the category Hotels.

22.02.16  Axor Trophy: winners

Axor brand designers from the Hansgrohe company organized in partnership with the Muuuz magazine a trophy to reward the most beautiful bathrooms achievements integrating its products. The jury met on February 16 2016 and deliberated, here are the winners.

27.10.15  Kartell Laufen: Receiver with heat recovery

The Swiss manufacturer Laufen present in the room Idéobain 2015 its new Kartell by Laufen receiver which recovers heat from gray water to preheat cold water.

27.10.15  Roca: New Horizons

Reinvent itself while remaining true to oneself is the challenge that is assigned Roca which will soon celebrate its anniversary 100ème. With its "New Horizons" Roca prepares the future and deploys solutions for a functional bathroom, smart and sustainable. Roca will present its novelties in the lounge Idéobain 2015.