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04.10.16  Emilie Bonaventure: Beautiful House

House Beautiful is the result of a new collaboration between Emilie Bonaventure, the chef Franck Baranger and his partner Edouard Bobin. Emilie Bonaventure features the place with a current decoration marine accents evocative reflections of the culinary theme of the restaurant.

03.10.16  Bertrand Guillon: The Sartine

Directly overlooking the Old Port of Marseille, Bertrand Guillon The Sartine landscape, a new space dedicated to the delicatessen and catering. The place is a ground floor of a Haussmann building with a loft, the reduced space is then optimized by the architect and the secret of the place lies in the relationship between its bottom and top.

18.07.16  DIMORESTUDIO: Hotel San Marco

A few steps from the Opera-Comique in Paris, Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran of DIMORESTUDIO Milanese agency associated with Philippe Medioni shall adjust the Hotel San Marco. The duo imagines a world inspired by Art Deco, an invitation to travel through time and styles.

24.02.16  Loft Szczecin Kontrast Restaurant

A Koszalin, Szczecin Loft sign inside the Kontrast, restaurant specializing in burgers, vegan, high-quality coffee. Polish studio imagine a place where simplicity and modernity participates in usability.

16.02.16  party / space / design: Shugaa

In the heart of Bangkok opened Shugaa, a dessert bar. Conceived by the agency party / space / design, the whole place is inspired menu and its main ingredient, sugar, its molecular structure to the crystals that compose it.

15.02.16  Vanessa Scoffier Hotel Henriette

On a quiet cobbled street of 13e district nestles the Henriette hotel, a boutique hotel, whose interior was designed by the property owner: Vanessa Scoffier. The decorator has blended vintage pieces and design objects-bohemian Parisian spirit and Scandinavian furnishings, for this self-proclaimed establishment "Happy broc'n'roll".

18.12.15  Concrete: INK Hotel Amsterdam

The INK Hotel Amsterdam is located in Amsterdam canalside, in a building of the early century 20ème completely refurbished by the architectural firm Concrete in order to create a friendly place for both temporary accommodation and entertainment .

16.12.15  Studio DiDeA: Unto

Unto is a fast food restaurant located in Palermo, and designed by the Italian studio DiDeA. Its wide range of materials is inspired in industrial design but also in the historical past of the city creating a rather eclectic style.

09.12.15  Adam Wiercinski: źródł

The źródł was entirely designed and built by Adam architectepolonais Wiercinski. This bar located in Poznan, Poland was visually enlarged by its layout and its industrial style furniture.