Offices, business spaces

07.02.17  Saguez & Partners: Design Manufacture

The layout of the new premises of the Saguez & Partners agency was an opportunity for the group to synthesize the issues of living together sustainable and rational use of space within the offices. Communication is at the heart of development, everything has been planned and designed to facilitate trade. The result is an open space where the investments of employees remain free and non-allocated offices.

13.10.16  SCAU: Resonance

Resonance is a new office building designed by the architectural firm SCAU. Its facade tortoiseshell offers him an architectural draped wiping out any sharp angles of its implementation. So this is the fluidity that guide the perception of the project with an incorporated implementation of a network of curves and countercurves.

13.10.16  Anne Demians: The Dunes

Société Générale by architect Anne Demians the task of creating a new place can accommodate 5 000 employees. Usually to scale a tower project is placed horizontally, it generates five buildings, five dunes connected by a double ground floor also solving altimetry differences from east to west.

03.10.16  Vincent & Gloria Architects: Talent.IO

Rue d'Uzes in Paris, Vincent & Gloria Architects designed the new premises of the headquarters of Talent.IO. At the bottom of an inner courtyard, the project moved behind and reveals an industrial façade dating from the late nineteenth century. The main objective of the project was to reclaim the original features of the building with a metal canopy built by the Eiffel workshops.

19.09.16  Frédéric Jung: General Stores Pantin

General stores housed in Pantin old granaries of the capital. BETC advertising agency fatherhood many campaigns became famous, moved there after the building was a temple of the Parisian street art. Paris overflows its suburbs and seeks new polarities. The codes also change: the agency is trying to free offices and factory in a new location a new atmosphere dedicated to the creativity of its teams.

12.09.16  Pierre-Louis Faloci Halle aux Sugars

The architect Pierre-Louis Faloci book Dunkirk transforming the Halle aux Sugars. This building, formerly dedicated to the logistical needs of the port city, now home to a new center of management, information and research on the sustainable city. A problem rooted in the news for new territories and the Dunkirk urban renewal. The architectural project is organized around a hole through in length, the walls of the original building.

03.12.15  Works Partnership Architecture: Framework

The interior of this office located in Portland, Oregon State was crafted entirely of wood creating a warm space and atypical work.

03.12.15  De Amicis Architetti: Digital Entity workspace

Punctuated by an aerial geometry, Digital Entity workspace was designed by the architectural studio of Milan De Amicis Architetti who combined rigor and comfort in a project of simplicity and outstanding efficiency.

03.12.15  Jacques Ferrier Architectures: Hachette Livre Headquarters

The headquarters of the publishing house founded by Louis Hachette took up residence at about the inner suburbs of the capital, in Vanves. Its silhouette offers from outside an image of quiet strength, on the inside, it has a workspace conducive to living together.