Outdoor, urban space

25.07.17  Carve + OMGEVING: be-MINE Playground

As part of the be-MINE project, aimed at developing tourism at the Beringen mining site (Belgium), the Walloon agency Carve + OMGEVING is designing an original playground that multiplies the possibilities for activities. Placed on the side of a heap of 60 meters high, this last contributes to revalorize the old industrial territory.

12.02.16  City of Architecture and Heritage: Bernard Huet

Data to the state in 2014, Bernard Huet archives are vital to understanding the renewal of urban thinking in France, it is one of the important figures. From this background, the City of Architecture and Heritage is organizing an exhibition showcasing the work of this major architect.

11.02.16  Pavillon de l'Arsenal: Considering Calais

Second Tuesday of 18h30 to 20h30, PERU installs his "Public Workshop" at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal. These meetings are an opportunity to share about the "Jungle of Calais", this city in the making, to imagine new urban forms and thus develop the terms and actions of a renewed policy of the hospitality.

04.02.16  Pavillon de l'Arsenal: Reinventing Paris

Wednesday February 3 2016, Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, unveiled the list of twenty-two winners of "Reinventing Paris" call for innovative urban projects launched in late 2014 a global first to design and build the city of tomorrow. For the occasion, the Pavillon de l'Arsenal presents all projects submitted to the jury.

18.01.16  TVK: Ourcq-Jaurès

The project is implanted on an island on the edge of the Ourcq canal in Paris. The Joint 125 housing program, a supermarket, a shop and a café) asserts itself strongly in the Parisian landscape. TVK's will for this joint program is to multiply the looks on the landscape of the Ourcq canal and its evolution while recalling its industrial past. To do so, the agency opted for a crank plan directly referring to this frame type widely used during the modern era.

02.01.16  L35 Architects, Frédéric and Philippe Caron Ducic: Polygon Riviera

On the French Riviera between Nice and Cannes, L35 Architects, Frédéric and Philippe Caron Ducic imagined Polygon Riviera, a shopping complex and open leisure, designed as an urban development connected to the city, combining tradition and Provencal Mediterranean landscape.

30.11.15  Jana Revedin: City Rebel, Democratizing the urban project

At the time of the urgency of the development of architecture and sustainable city, this book brings together the manifest of architects worldwide, winners of the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture, questioning the model of functionalism based on the unlimited exploitation of resources and the often too authoritarian spatial planning.

30.11.15  ArtCOP21 Cities Potential

COP21 in full, potential Cities, Architecture and Anthropocene aims to reflect on the architectural and urban imaginary convene climate change. Thirty young architects and some of their tutelary figures participate in this event and agree to work to think of the city in the age of the Anthropocene. 30 models, original drawings and 64 90 reference images are trying to restore this imaginary.

27.11.15  COP21: Agricultural urbanism, a new territorial factory?

As part of the COP21, the Agricultural Urbanism Laboratory (LUA) organizes on Thursday, December 3 Bourget (93) a conference on the theme of urban agriculture. An innovative and rich in questions about the new models it produces.