06.10.17  Pezo von Ellrichshausen & Felice Varini: Hall for Hull, with "Three Points of View"

To all lovers of Felice Varini's work, rush to Trinity Square Park, located in the old town of Hull (United Kingdom), where the Swiss artist has teamed up with Chilean architects Pezo von Ellrichshausen realization of a temporary structure entitled A Hall for Hull, with "Three Points of View".

06.09.17  Nendo: Kaleidoscopic Ivy

On the occasion of the 90 years of the Sogestsu School, specializing in ikebana - Japanese ancestral floral art - the establishment organizes the exhibition "Hana So". An event crowned by a monumental reflective installation realized by the nendo studio, metallic reinterpretation of the local vegetation.

15.09.16  Tongtong + Zn House

The multi-agency + tongtong renovating a Victorian house in a residential area of ​​Toronto. Dressed in various shades of zinc, the residence is gaining in volume, brightness and modernity without its vernacular architecture not be denatured.


27.09.17  Philippe Prost / AAPP: Monnaie de Paris

Jewel of neoclassical architecture erected in 1776 by Jacques-Denis Antoine, the Hôtel de la Monnaie in Paris (6e) is reborn thanks to the intervention of architect Philippe Prost after six years of work on a busy site. This is a challenge that the French architect has successfully met with, which now connects this exceptional site with the crafts of which it is home.

09.01.17  Avenier Cornejo: 38 Collective Housing Bonnet Street

Within the ZAC 'town entrance "continuity between Paris and Clichy-la-Garenne, the project is part of collective dwellings Agency Avenier Cornejo, brick and metal mixture, imagined as an urban signal.

21.01.16  Atelier Rent: Les Terrasses du Rocher

Fragment reconstituted du Chateau landscape, the building of the Terrasses Rock develops a rich and complex typology, offering its residents a variety of habitat. More than a building, it is a village between Boulevard and dune garden that was built on the ruins of an old printing. A project designed by the studio for Rent Giboire group that puts zinc in the spotlight (VMZINC).

07.09.17  DCW Editions x Illia Sergeevich Potemine: ISP

As singular as its designer, engineer, airplane pilot and painter - Illia Sergeevich Potemine - whose initials it takes over, ISP is a lighting element that shines through its design and innovative design.

15.09.16  KOKO architects: SkÃ¥pet

At the heart of the Norwegian mountains, KOKO architects agency offers shelter to hikers from Stavanger Turistforening association. Estonian architects imagine a set of buildings clad in zinc, including a common area, several sleeping cabins, a storage room, amenities, and a sauna.


15.09.15  GilBartolomé Architects Casa Campos

Built on the steep slopes of the Andalusian coast, Casa Campos integrates with the slope of the site so as to reveal its roof Zinc scales. Designed by the studio GilBartolomé, the project is capped with a unique structure where the manufacturer has elZinc® its materials serving the imagination of architects.


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