06.06.17  Architectures: 255 Number

The June issue of the architectural magazine focuses on earthen architecture. You can also find the drawing by Martin Étienne, Quèsaco, pages dedicated to the workshops of the OS Workshops, photographs by Marie Schuiten, Aire Mateus in Tournai, a cellar by Carl Fredrik Svenstedt, extension of a mazet by DIXNEUFCENTQUATREVINGTSIX, etc.

28.11.16  TERREAL: Student Residence Hill Court

Like a ship, the Hill Court student residence Newcastle seems split the sky monumental bow. Dressed in yellow tinted green glazed cladding signed Terreal, the building of 16 200 m² explores new architectural horizons.


21.06.16  Terra Lyon 2016: XII World Congress on earthen architecture

Since 1972, the Terra World Congress brings together academics, professionals and experts as well as students and a large audience of earthen architecture. The 11 14 in July, the Convention Centre of Lyon hosts the 2016 edition which will deal with the equally important issues of heritage and its conservation as well as sustainable development.


21.06.16  Herzog & De Meuron: Switch House

On the bank of the Thames rises a brick pyramid in new forms. Sixteen years after the opening of the Tate Modern, Herzog and de Meuron complete the building of an extension, reconstructing the original architectural codes with a unique treatment of brick, noble material and emblematic of the British capital .


21.06.16  Offices of the FFB Orleans: façade and warm, bright colors

Designed by the architects of the workshop Poinville, the offices of the French Building Federation (FFB) have settled in a tertiary business park very demanding in terms of environmental quality. Their designers wanted the facades are noticed and play on a gradient tint game allowed through the use of land shingles Terreal terracotta of the manufacturer.


20.06.16  High School Reffye Tarbes: A brick façade, modern and timeless

At the heart of the city center, dense and old Tarbes, the vocational school Reffye moved into a converted barracks. This built together, features a façade made of black and white brick manufacturer Terreal.


23.02.16  Moeding for Campus Sanofi Val de Bièvre: A monochrome gray facade

Designed by the architecture firm Valode and Pistre and built by Bouygues Bâtiment Ile de France, the new premises Laboratories Sanofi Gentilly (94) are distributed on the model of the campus in different buildings.


08.07.15  Pierre Jonnard, new president of the FFTB

Pierre Jonnard was elected President of the French Federation of tiles and bricks (FFTB), during the Extraordinary Board of Directors held on June 30 2015. This brought together the actors of Terracotta sector. The applicant has already exercised this function between 2008 and 2011 here and succeeds Hervé Gastinel recently removed from the presidency of Terreal.


24.06.15  Accommodation in Pontoise: Creative facades clay

The collective PLAN01 realized in Pontoise draft 360 houses for staff of the National Gendarmerie. The facades present a singular graphics, they are inspired and dressed terracotta inserts proposed by the company Rairies Montrieux.