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08.03.16  Materials & Light: The March 9 10 2016 &

Organized by the magazine and the agency has Thema Design, the 2016 edition of Materials & Light stands and the 9 10 next March as part of a majestic mansion 8ème district of Paris: the showroom Targetti Poulsen . Both inspiring and monitoring tool, Materials & Light highlights innovative solutions for architects and promotes exchanges between prescribers and manufacturers.

21.04.17  Egger: PerfectSense and FEELWOOD, upscale decorative solutions

Egger offers solutions from floor to ceiling for both private and public fittings. His new collection & Services 2017-2019 300 includes over new sets and associated structures. To better orient themselves in diversity and facilitate the work of creation, Egger invented matrices 9. This innovative tool comprises positioning the sets next to each other for a direct comparison between them or with other associations (painting, fabric, etc.).


21.04.17  Ege New collection Rawline Scala

Inspired by textile fashion, Rawline Scala, a collection of woven flat!


21.04.17  Materials & Light: The exhibitors and their innovative materials

For 3ème consecutive year, the magazine invites you to Materials & Light, an appointment at human scale for architects. ceramic glass, modified wood, solid surface, marble, enamel steel, composite materials ... For two days, a selection of manufacturers sets a new light innovative materials. The event will take place on April 26 and 27 2017 in an unbeatable location in the Menier hotel Targetti-showroom open to the Parc Monceau.


21.04.17  Graniti Fiandre Marmi Maximum, porcelain stoneware tiles XXL

Specializing in the production of full body porcelain stoneware Fiandre presents a collection of large tiles formats for high-end architectural projects.


21.04.17  Alyos Technology: 3D and Secret, optical games for walls and ceiling

Specialist technical coatings for walls, ceilings and acoustic solutions, Alyos® the company has two new ranges during the Materials & Light forum. "3D" plays on the effects of textures and "Secret" revealed to using a backlight.


21.04.17  Targetti: Decorative and architectural lighting

With new ranges Colors and Logico, Targetti reinvents professional lighting equipment. They are adorned with a new color palette and become an element of style to the architectural space.


21.04.17  Magna Glaskeramik + Becket & Villarecci: Glaskeramik

Facade or interior fittings, plates Glaskeramik bring a touch of mystery in various degrees of translucency. This year, the manufacturer MAGNA associate his name with that of Becket & Villarecci specializing in cutting or bending of materials.


21.04.17  ARTEPY: Floor Collections Arkit

bold innovation of the French company ARTEPY, the new brand offers Arkit defeating habits by giving the floor an added artistic value.


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