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15.03.17  Cordoba: Cultural Centre

To celebrate the bicentennial of Argentine independence, the city of Cordoba has decided to build a large cultural center. Glued to Sarmiento Park, the monumental structure is a collaboration of architects Ivan Castaneda, Juan Salassa, Santiago Tissot, Alejandro Cohen, Cristian Nanzer and Inés Saal.

14.03.17  DIXNEUFCENTQUATREVINGTSIX. : Benoît & Roselyne

Between Benedict and Roselyne & mazet 70 m2 of Nîmes hinterland, it is a history that goes back a decade, when the couple then settled in Paris, decided to buy a second house to renovate a region in which they are rooted. The story continues in 2014, while the combination that has since retired, wants to share his time between the South of France and the capital. He asked the architects to DIXNEUFCENTQUATREVINGTSIX agency. to design the extension of this house became too small to house the family that has grown over the years.

14.03.17  Brandon Clifford + Michael Schanbacher: Five Fields Play Structure

In the context of the development of life in the neighborhood of Five Field of the town of Lexington (USA), The Brandon Clifford architects Matter Design and Michael Schanbacher FR | SCH Projects designed a playground accessible to all, based on heart of a park. The infrastructure for children is an experimental laboratory and an inventive incubator.

13.03.17  Encore Heureux: 507 Fab House

World Group Hutchinson asked the Paris branch Encore Heureux to renovate and rehabilitate the former industrial site based in Châlette-sur-Loing (45) in place of life in business and innovation: the 507 Fab House.

10.03.17  POPCORN: Art, Design and Cinema

As part of the Biennale 10e design of St. Stephen, the Museum of Modern Art and contemporary of Saint-Étienne Métropole - MACA for short - has chosen to explore the existing relationships between art, design and cinema with 'POPCORN exposure. Art, Design and Film. A tripartite title for a transdisciplinary approach with a non-exhaustive corpus of artwork, photos, films, objects and furniture.

10.03.17  Karawitz Marly House

Located in Marly-le-Roi town (78), the project Karawitz agency aims to reduce the border are often between public and private space in the suburban neighborhoods studded fences.

10.03.17  Vitra Design Museum: Bar - A chair for the World

The Monobloc exhibition - flesh for the World, presented at the Vitra Design Museum of 17 18 March to June honors so common and universal object that is no longer questioned: the white plastic chair.

07.03.17  Saint-Etienne Design Capital

Since 2010, Saint-Etienne is the only French city to have joined the Creative Cities Network design Unesco, joining large cities such as Buenos Aires, Berlin, Montreal, Nagoya, Kobe, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Seoul, Graz , Beijing, Bilbao, Helsinki or Turin. With the integration of design in its territory which is based on an old tradition of innovation 200 years, which irrigates today its economy, the underdog has nothing to envy these megacities.

07.03.17  Natalie Christensen: The Deconstructed Self

Along the streets of Santa Fe, New Mexico, psychotherapist and photographer Natalie Christensen, questioned everyday architecture of the highway to detect the extraordinary.

06.03.17  Pritzker Architecture Prize 2017: RCR Arquitectes

The work of the three Spanish architects Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta, was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize honorary 2017 Wednesday 1er March. Their joint work, initiated thirty years ago under the banner RCR Arquitectes, convinced the jury. Besides the aesthetics or functionality of the projects, which distinguishes the agency from its competitors is its strong determination to infuse inspiration both local and global in its buildings.

06.03.17  AleaOlea: Church Vilanova de la Barca

Partially demolished by bombing during the Spanish Civil War, the church Vilanova de la Barca dates back to the twenty-third century waiting since then to regain its former glory. This is now done through the project of renovation and multipurpose room reconversion led by Barcelona AleaOlea agency.

06.03.17  Vincent & Gloria Architects: KissKissBankBank

At the heart of 10e district of Paris, the agency Gloria & Vincent Architects book local crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank. On no less than 765 square meters, building owners are rewriting the traditional typology of the office.

02.03.17  ArchiDesignclub Awards: Winners 2017

For the fourth consecutive year, the ArchiDesignClub organized in partnership with the Muuuz magazine, the ArchiDesignClub Awards which take precedence the most remarkable architectural achievements of 2016 year, following the weighting of the votes of readers and a jury of professionals architecture. The winners of 25 nominated categories were honored on Wednesday 1er March at a dinner at the Grand Hotel Intercontinental Opera, to which were invited the teams of selected projects and partners of the event. Discover 25 2017 winners of the edition!


02.03.17  The 2017 Winners: Special Price

This year, the editorial chose to award three Special Awards: "Architecture and Landscape" for the city school Jean Moulin in Revin Duncan Lewis agencies and Jean de Giacinto, "Architecture and materials" for the Tour Hemera Nantes agency Berranger Vincent Architects; and finally the "Price of writing" which returns to Joly & Loiret agency for Pole Dance and music performed at Versailles, whose audacious urban integration in the heart of island and the inclusion of natural light were particularly appreciated. Discover 2017 winners of the category special price!