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23.01.18  RIGI Design : A White House, A Growing Home

What was originally a typical home of Shanghai (China) 1940 years, under the leadership of the studio RIGI Design, a bright and functional haven of peace. Thanks to large picture windows and modular and ergonomic furniture, the designers modernize this town house without distorting it.

22.01.18  Skatepark Architecture Build: Skatepark Peitruss

Are you tired of skateboarding? Are you tired of expressing your love for sliding on disused and uninviting surfaces? This time is now over in the park Peitruss Valley in Luxembourg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to the intervention of designers specialized in the field: Constructo Skatepark Architecture.

22.01.18  Michael Malapert: Mon Coco

A few steps from the Place de la République in Paris (11e), what was a dull and tired bistro is now a trendy cocktail and cocktail bar of the capital: My Coco. Arranged by the interior designer Michael Malapert, the warm and eclectic place draws its inspirations from the famous urban forecourt that faces it.

19.01.18  Jeune Talent: Shigeki Yamamoto

Nostalgic of your building games? The young designer based in Berlin (Germany), Shigeki Yamamoto, has decreed that there is no age for fun to nest modules; far from the serious world of clean design that sometimes lacks folly. Zoom on achievements that will make you fall back into childhood for sure!

19.01.18  Snøhetta : Muttrah Fish Market

On the outskirts of the port of Muttrah (Oman), one of the most important in the country, a surprising structure has been built hosting the second fish market in the city. Designed by the Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta, the 4 000 square meters building is a new emblem for the Omani city.

18.01.18  CF Møller Architects: Maersk Tower

If, a few weeks ago, we were talking about SUND Nature Park, sinuous and green landscape, it is now time to linger on the central point of this ensemble: the Mærsk Tower. Designed by the Danish architect CF Møller in 2016, the glazed and copper building, top of 15 floors, houses the future elites of Scandinavian medicine and scientific research.

18.01.18  Stine Mikkelsen: Tactile Monoliths

At the Aybar Gallery in Miami, Florida, Danish textile designer Stine Mikkelsen diverts the use of everyday objects by incorporating raw and enigmatic textures. A unique collection located on the border between decorative element and conceptual work of art.

17.01.18  David Dworkind : Jouney Café

Set up a bar, restaurant and Lebanese bakery in a 24 meter room for 4? More was needed to scare Canadian interior designer and photographer David Dworkind, who made the Jouney Café in Montreal (Canada), whose name but also the raw industrial aesthetic refers to Jounieh, the hometown of the owner located at north of Beirut.

17.01.18  OFFICE KGDVS : Solo House II

At the heart of the lush greenery of the Matarraña region of north-east Spain, the Belgian architecture studio OFFICE KGDVS delivers the second construction of the daring real estate program Solo Houses, launched by the promoter Christian Bourdais. This fully glazed concrete ring offers its residents an original life experience in osmosis with nature.

16.01.18  2 / 3 / 4 Workshops: E + Amp

In the district of La Défense in Courbevoie (92), the architecture, urban planning and landscape agency Ateliers 2 / 3 / 4 realizes the rehabilitation of the former Tour Ampère E + built in the 1980 years. With an envelope open to the city and a quality urban insertion, the building is needed again in the business district.

16.01.18  Masquespacio: Doctor Apple

For its second address in Valencia (Spain), in the student district of the city, the brand Doctor Manzana, specializing in derivatives for I-phone, calls on the local design agency Masquespacio. Painted from floor to ceiling in bright colors and illuminated by white neon lights, the sales area is a reflection of the brand: extravagant and sparkling.

15.01.18  Muller van severen : Wire s# et wire c#1

Missioned by the Belgian architectural firm Office KGDVS to create the furniture of their recent Solo House II, the studio muller van severen imagines the collections wire s # and wire c # 1. With wire mesh, Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen, artists and designers, develop furniture that seems to float in the air, like the house in which they take place.

15.01.18  Yu Momoeda Architecture Office : Agri Chapel

In the heart of Yahazudake National Park in Nagasaki (Japan) the Japanese studio Yu Momoeda Architecture Office reinterprets Gothic religious architecture, which it combines with the local know-how of woodworking. The result ? A place of worship out of the ordinary: Agri Chapel.

12.01.18  Wang & Söderström : Collection Excavation

Wang & Söderström, the quirky and whimsical Swedish art studio, made up of space designer Anny Wang and architect Tim Söderström, is experimenting here with the 3D digital printing process in a funny collection of three amazing vases in the form of eggs.

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