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07.04.17  On architectures: Le Grand Paris Writers

What news for the Grand Paris in spring 2017? The latest architectural competition for future stations of the automatic subway? The first results of the consultations will reinvent the Metropolis or the Seine? The highly anticipated inaugurations of several flagship equipment? Another event attracted our attention: the publication in January, the new novel by Aurélien Bellanger. Considered in its metropolitan dimension, the capital she also regenerate his fictional matrix? We asked several contemporary writers, whom we asked to comment on the imaginary charge and the symbolic significance of some of the projects that are now the architectural events of Greater Paris.

06.04.17  Margaux Keller Brothers Boutique Gellé

The creation of the new Gellé Brothers store, located at Avenue 19 of the Opera in Paris (1er) was entrusted to interior designer Margaux Keller. To celebrate the rebirth of the legendary house perfumers founded in 1826, the designer could leave express his art and tastes, while respecting the elegant and refined brand image to embalm us the retina and take us to the heart of a royal olfactory journey.

04.04.17  Heesoo Kwak - IDMM Architects: U Retreat

The South Korean architect Heesoo Kwak and his studio based in Seoul IDMM Architects have designed a set of three outbuildings with bedrooms, living room and bathroom organized around a swimming pool and a central pavilion reception. This project named U Retreat, facing the Sari-san mountains, is intended to accommodate visitors in search of peace, nature and relaxation.

03.04.17  Ora ïto: Venus Lounger

The French designer Ora ïto has partnered with specialist Citco Italian marble to give life to the lounge chair Venus, which will be unveiled during the design week in Milan from April 4 9 to 2017.

31.03.17  Villa Noailles - Hyères: The Box Of Night

This year, the Villa Noailles in Hyères (83), dedicated his annual architectural exhibition theme nightclubs: The Nightclub. For those who missed the event, the exhibition is now available in a book of the same name, which brings new content both in the texts but especially in the images.

31.03.17  Ian Strange Shadow

Multidisciplinary artist, Ian Strange explores and questions the universal notion of home through his work. His latest exhibition, Shadow, presented as part of Sydney's Art Month is his first appearance in his homeland, Australia, in the residential neighborhood of his childhood in Perth.

30.03.17  Group Aranea: House Lude

It is in the town of Cehegín in Murcia (Spain) a young musician turned to the group of architects Grupo Aranea to rethink his home. His particuliarity ? The house settles just above that of his mother and sister. Thus, the work consists of a renovation of the lower part and a heightening of concrete two levels with independent entrance.

30.03.17  Urban Features: Public spaces for all

After a recent dossier on how planners see their (s) work (s) (read urban Traits No. 87), up to landscapers. Designers of what makes the base of the urban project, throughout the territory as large as that of the near space, they claim a strategic impact.

30.03.17  Martin Duplantier Architects: Sports Complex

Located in Bussy Saint Georges (77), the sports complex is part of a constructive dynamics of this rapidly growing city. Martin Duplantier Architects has designed a silent volumes resuming the flat topography of the region.

29.03.17  Tinker: House Mondrian

2017 will be the year De Stijl, or will not. The art movement and modernist architecture today celebrates 100 years with a series of events organized in the nation that he was born: the Netherlands. Among the festivities reopening the birthplace of Piet Mondrian in Amersfoort, in the province of Utrecht, appointed by Tinker agency.

29.03.17  Zimoun: Mechanical Lifts

After traveling the world, the United States to Croatia, via Chile or Switzerland - the country of origin - the architect / musician Zimoun landed in France. It puts a foot in CENTQUATRE as resident artist for an exhibition both sound and architecture. A pleasure for both the eyes and the ears: welcome to the world of ski lifts.

28.03.17  Alexandra Kehayoglou: Hand-Tufts Carpeted Landscapes

The Argentine designer Alexandra Kehayoglou realizes handmade sculptural carpet on the theme of nature, combining art and crafts. To do this, it uses as raw material falls of the son of El Espartano textile factory owned by his family.

28.03.17  Mailitis Architects: The Shaolin Monks Flying Theater

The origin of martial arts dates back to the famous Shaolin Temple, founded in the fifth century in Henan province (China). It is in the same region, the heart of a forest of giant cypresses and side of the Songshan Mountain, the tradition continues with a metal and steel theater performed by the Latvian agency Mailitis Architects who reinterprets terrain surrounding landscape.

27.03.17  MoederscheimMoonen Architects: P + R Station Zutphen

The municipality of Zutphen (Netherlands) integrates its former industrial area Noorderhaven outdoor parking for the users of the railway station. The P + R complex, designed by the Dutch agency MoederscheimMoonen Architects 375 offers parking for cars and bikes 600 slots.