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29.05.17  Milliken : Colour Compositions

The American company Milliken realizes Color Compositions, a collection in "planche" format inspired by Colorfield Painting, pictorial style expressionist-abstract American. This new form of carpet tiles allows the brand to explore new scales, rhythms and colors.


29.05.17  Pedrali: Fox

For more than 50 years the Italian brand Pedrali is a reference in the field of design. A position that the brand confirms with the elegant chair Fox designed by the designer Patrick Norguet.


29.05.17  Rieder Smart Elements: öko

The öko skin slats of the brand Rieder Smart Elements, alliance of concrete and fiberglass, offers both individuals and professionals a durable and durable siding.


29.05.17  Vescom: Acoustic curtains

Specializing in the production of wall coverings, upholstery and curtains, the Dutch company Vescom presents here a collection of transparent acoustic curtains that absorb up to five times more sound than ordinary curtains.


29.05.17  Mosa: Mu

With more than 100 years of experience, the Mosa brand has just developed Mu, a range of polymorphic ceramic tiles whose colors vary subtly throughout the day and light.


29.05.17  Tarkett: iD Mixonomi

Imagined by Tarkett, one of the world's leaders in flooring, the iD Mixonomi modular vinyl floor collection, offers interior designers and designers an intuitive tool for developing vinyl flooring designs.


29.05.17  Renson: Skye

As the European leader in ventilation and sun protection, Renson creates Skye, an aluminum roof with adjustable and retractable aluminum blades.


26.05.17  Assaf Israel: DayDream

Inspired by the symbol of infinity, the designer and founder of the Joynout agency based in Milan (Italy), Assaf Israel, designs an X-shaped seat in a minimalist, colorful and sculptural approach.

25.05.17  Heneghan Peng: Palestinian Museum

The Irish studio Heneghan Peng realizes the Palestinian Museum in the town of Birzeit in the west of the territory. The building is a tribute to the local culture, both by its programming and its layout.

24.05.17  Andreas Gruber: UA House

Inspired by the relief of the Eisack valley in South Tyrol (Italy), architect Andreas Gruber designs UA House, a monolithic house, all dressed in concrete, with a breathtaking view of the Plose summit and the Valley of Val Gardena.

24.05.17  Snøhetta: Hunter Bar

The Hunter Bar, designed by the Norwegian agency Snøhetta, takes place in the new international terminal at Oslo Airport (Norway), where it serves as a refuge for travelers wishing to relax in a relaxed atmosphere between two flights.

23.05.17  Edoardo Tresoldi: Archetipo

At the request of the royal family of Abu Dhabi, the Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi, in collaboration with the studio DesignLab Experience, realizes Archetipo, a collection of architectural elements made from metal wires.

23.05.17  Xavier Veilhan: Studio Venezia

On the occasion of the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Venice, the French pavilion presents a new face, whose paternity belongs to the French visual artist Xavier Veilhan. For this project, the venue becomes, during the fair, a music studio and a sculpture in full merging the arts.

22.05.17  Bonte & Migozzi Architects: Kget

The architects of Bonte & Migozzi designed Kget, an entirely wooden dwelling, from structure to cladding, on an abrupt ground, offering an exceptional panorama of the Mediterranean. Set on stilts, this house allows its tenants to enjoy a green landscape and a breathtaking view of the sea.