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12.07.17  Noa *: Hotel Hubertus

At the foot of the ski resort of Kronplatz in Valadora (Italy), the Italian architect noa * rehabilitates the Hotel Hubertus, a former family-run hotel, into an imposing holiday complex. In addition to the sixteen new suites, it features several restaurants, a wine cellar, a fitness room and a rooftop, but above all an impressive swimming pool overlooking 25 meters up the mountain.

11.07.17  Wilmotte & Associates: Station F

Rehabilitated by the French architecture agency Wilmotte & Associates, Halle Freyssinet, formerly a Parisian railway depot (13e) dating back to the 1920 years, becomes Station F, the world's largest campus dedicated to the development of startups. The space of 34 000 square meters is intended to host more 1 000 companies in the making.

11.07.17  5 + 1AA: BNL BNP Paribas Headquarters

Imagined by the Franco-Italian agency 5 + 1AA, the new Roman headquarters of the BNL-BNP Paribas group takes place near the Tiburtina station, east of the city. With its kaleidoscopic and reflective coating, the building, surrealist, surprises in an area between residential areas and manufacturers.

10.07.17  ArchiDesignclub Awards 2018: Call for candidates

The 5 edition of the ADC Awards will take place on 8 2018 on 1 Thursday. It will reward the architectural achievements delivered between the 2016er January 31 and the 2017 December 31. Are you an architect, developer, or actor in the building industry and wish to submit and defend a project? You have until 2017 October XNUMX to send your applications.

10.07.17  COBE: The Silo

As the name suggests, The Silo is the result of the rehabilitation of an old 17 grain tank built by the Danish architectural studio COBE. It houses both residential apartments and public reception areas. An architectural intervention that is part of a much broader urban project: the transformation of Nordhavn, a former industrial district of Copenhagen (Denmark).

07.07.17  SCI-Arc + Darin Johnstone Architects: IVRV House

Under the leadership of US architect and teacher Darin Johnstone, the students of the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), in collaboration with the Habitat for Humanity Association, had the mission of imagining an affordable and original home . Among the 16 student proposals, the IVRV House has distinguished itself by its security approach, adapted to the areas of Los Angeles where crime is the strongest.

05.07.17  Nendo: CoFuFun

In Tenri (Japan), a few kilometers from Kyoto, the Japanese agency Nendo implants a 6 000 square meter urban structure, the aim of which is to revitalize this suburban city. For this, the design studio realizes a gigantic esplanade composed of five circular white structures sheltering metro station, shops, coffee shop, shopping mall, as well as a large zone of play and of outside rest.

05.07.17  Broadway Malyan: RIBA North

Erected by the London-based Broadway Malyan Architectural Studio, the premises of the RIBA North - Royal Institute of British Architect - are located on Mann Island in Liverpool, UK. The complex, divided into two buildings, hosts shops as various exhibitions and conferences, allowing both amateurs and professionals to sharpen their knowledge of architecture.

04.07.17  Fortunen AS: Skjervet

Close to the Skjervet waterfall (Norway), the Fortunen AS agency imagines a monolithic building for hikers. Developed in collaboration with Oslo-based Østengen & Bergo landscape craftsmen, this contemporary work blends harmoniously with a rocky and wild site.

03.07.17  Herzog & de Meuron: Beirut Terraces

Designed by the Swiss architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron, this 116 high-rise building, located near St. George's Bay in Beirut (Lebanon), is distinguished by its impressive series of asymmetrical terraces, Name: Beirut Terraces.

30.06.17  O-office Architects: Work Studio

Based in Guangzhou, China, O-Office Architects transforms an old 1 214 square-meter greenhouse into offices for a local landscape design company. The designers preserve the vegetal soul of the place by creating workspaces in the manner of winter gardens.

29.06.17  Frédéric K. Panni and Hugues Fontaine: The Familistère album

In 1858, industrialist Jean-Baptiste André Godin - creator of stoves of the same name - and son of rural artisans of the Aisne, developed a monumental project of habitation and place of life for the workers: the Familistère, In Guise (02). The history of this epic is minutely traced in this book soberly titled The album of Familistère.

27.06.17  Anonymous: Parking Vaisseau Mère

Following the cancellation of the surface parking lot of the Tour Bois le Prêtre in Paris (17e), which is destined to become a green space, the Parisian agency Anonymous was chosen to design an underground substitution of 3 000 square meters Which can accommodate more than 120 vehicles under the name of Mother Ships.

26.06.17  Laisné Roussel: Pavillon des Fleurs

On the occasion of the first Architecture Biennale in Lyon (69), the Laisné Roussel agency, based in Paris, realizes the Pavillon des Fleurs, a poetic installation mixing sets of materials and volumes.

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