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14.10.09  C (h) améléon, materials that change

    Presented at the last show Architect @ Work and the 8 9 2009 October at the Grande Halle de la Villette, this exhibition proposed by the Innovathèque offered visitors an overview of innovative materials, intelligent and communicating.

14.10.09  Vote for destroying the ugliest building

"Rendez Belgium finest! Vote for the ugliest building in Belgium since the demolition of Stallaert want to destroy it." Here is the funny new communication campaign and shifted by this Belgian company specialized in demolition.

14.10.09  mule Table

Canadian designer based in Toronto, Ian Cox has devised this elegant glass table equipped with a wooden magazine rack. When fantasy born of a function added.

13.10.09  Children's furniture building

"The Gift of Building" is a wooden construction set allows children to create fun and different furniture items.

13.10.09  Krater House, house on the hill

In the Cyclades, the top of a hill of Antiparos, lies the Krater House designed by Deca Architecture.

13.10.09  Wonderwall

Japanese interior architecture firm, Wonderwall presents its achievements online and dramatically dynamic. At the intersection of 2D and 3D.

12.10.09  Luscious Living Wall

Hungarian artist based in Brooklyn, Edina Tokodi form with Jozsef Toth-Valyi creative duo Mosstika. Discover "Luscious Living Wall", their latest creation, plant exterior wall panel and scalable.

12.10.09  Concrete house by Atelier Zhanglei

Located in China, in Nanjing City, the concrete house at once minimalist and subtly composed was designed by Atelier Zhanglei.

12.10.09  T-Clinic

Assumes imagined by Design Office, this clinic to the front finely pierced preserves the privacy of its occupants while providing an interior bathed in natural light.

11.10.09  Designers in the city

Initiated by the journalist and illustrator Gabriel Campanario Seattle, Urban Sketchers is a global network of artists drawing their cities or those they pass through. Sketches and looks to discover.

11.10.09  interactive wall

Award winning International Design Awards 2009, the concept of flexible wall created by Elpolo innovates and questions.

10.10.09  The works of MC Escher in Lego

Andrew Lipson and Daniel Shiu have made Lego replicas of imaginary and impossible constructions designed by Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis Escher.

09.10.09  Spider, Godzilla, Beast

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi and illustrator Peter Raphael Mutoc for sportswear brand The North Face, this advertising campaign reveals the wilderness of large cities.

09.10.09  The architect according to Dilbert

  Created by Scott Adams, Dilbert is an American comic strip featuring the world of business. Its central character, the computer engineer Dilbert, now we book an interesting light on the architectural profession.

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