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30.01.09  Paper house

Made of paper and cardboard recycled, the "Universal World House" is an emergency housing solution designed for the poor. A green building, easy to implement and inexpensive.

29.01.09  A radiator to the changing color

Blush is a radiator which changes color depending on the heat. An original heating solution designed by Icelandic designer Thorunn Arnadottir.

28.01.09  Music Store

Created by designer and artist Will Gurley, "Beat Blinds" is a wooden slatted blind that turns into a musical instrument. A fun and educational item to the attention of music lovers in grass.

27.01.09  Small scenic corners

Discover two artistic reflections on public toilets. The first, designed by Monica Bonvicini, allows the user to see without being seen. The second, created by the design studio Oloom, remains transparent when not in use.

26.01.09  Room with a view

In Germany, Kalhöfer-Korschildgen architecture firm shows us how to transform in a wink a rooftop terrace with a nice terrace. A light and playful response.

22.01.09  Quarter, modular radiator

Designed by the designer Karim Rashid, Kwart is a compound radiator surface modules in three dimensions. It allows multiple combinations, adapted to the needs and desires of each.

21.01.09  Between the body and architecture

Touchy-Feely of architects invite our bodies to a physical exchange with built surfaces. A reflection on the sensory and sensual reports that the user may have with the architecture.

20.01.09  gable Solutions

How to take advantage of our gable walls, concrete vertical blind often to punctuate our urban landscapes? Netherlands in Ukraine, find two original solutions.

19.01.09  Clouds, light partition

Clouds with their new modular textile wall system, designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec are continuing their collaboration with the Danish company Kvadrat. An evolutionary product to generate any kind of shape 3 dimensions.

16.01.09  Design Awards 2009, the design of the cream

The winners of Design Awards 2009 Wallpaper magazine has just been unveiled. The opportunity to discover or rediscover some products and outstanding projects of the year 2008. As the flexible radiator hose coiled garden paces.

15.01.09  Leaningmolds, alternative street furniture

Created by the Puerto Rican designer Maruja Fuentes, Leaningmolds is modular street furniture system. Simply attaching to the walls, he renewed the practices and common uses of street furniture.

14.01.09  Le Corbusier in Lego

In adulthood, some continue to assemble nostalgic passionately famous little bricks of Lego game. Giving themselves appointment on the web, they form the community of AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego for) online and expose often astonishing achievements.

13.01.09  Flooring recycled leather belts

Discover a floor made of leather belts recovery by Ting London. A durable product to the original aesthetic alternative to traditional flooring.

12.01.09  A house 19 m²

The Boxhome is a prototype compact house Rintala Eggertsson made by for the Roma Gallery in Oslo. An inspiring study the amazing interiors.

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