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19.04.17  Violators W: Hangop Cafe

The concert auditorium and cultural center located Fabriek Willem II Den (Netherlands) and renovated it recently, devoted part of its budget to the interior of its main coffee: the Hangop. This is Overtreders W agency that is responsible for this project at once sweet, thanks to the use of wood, and crude by the use of steel.

18.04.17  Peter Pichler Architecture: Oberholz mountain hut

8 After months of intensive work, the architect and his studio Pavol Mikolajcak Peter Pichler Architecture deliver a unique restaurant located near 2 000 meters above sea level in the heart of the Italian mountains.

18.04.17  Charles Pétillon: Connections

In collaboration with the photographer and artist Charles Pétillon, the American brand Sunbrella - leading manufacturer of textile called "high performance" - magnifies its products through a creative and surprising artistic project called Connections. An inflatable balloons ten interrelated and dressed in technical fabrics for a result measuring over 4,20 meters.

14.04.17  Meeting with: Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

The VIA (Valorisation of Innovation in Furnishing) has 40 years! To celebrate this anniversary, the organization offers a traveling exhibition, "No Taste for bad taste." On the occasion of his presentation at the French Institute in Milan, writing Muuuz met at Hands-On and unclassifiable Jean-Charles de Castelbajac who is here folded in the exercise of the scenography. It was the second degree, poetry in the air, the emotion in words and stars in their eyes.


14.04.17  Pablo Reinoso: Monograph

This is the 5 editions Continents what output monograph Pablo Reinoso, sculptor-architect making sensation in the art world for over a decade. A 280 page book combines photos and text to better know and understand the mind of the creator.

14.04.17  Snøhetta and Duncan Lewis Scape Architecture: International Center for wall art

Widely known for the concentration of these Paleolithic caves, the Vézère Valley now hosts a new cavity, this time built by the hand of man: the International Center for wall art, said Lascaux IV. A telluric architecture 8 600 square meters entrusted to Norwegians Snøhetta and the Bordeaux agency Duncan Lewis Scape Architecture. Zoom on the fourth installment of the saga that has lasted Lascaux soon 80 years.

13.04.17  Bangkok Project Studio: The Wine House

A few kilometers from Bangkok (Thailand), in the city of Ayutthaya on the banks of Chao Phraya River in the heart of lush vegetation, is a popular venue for wine lovers: the Wine House Ayutthaya. The region hopes to make this a major tourist attraction.

12.04.17  Studio Urquiola: Showroom Kettal

In 2017, the famous Spanish brand furniture Kettal provides a new face to its Barcelona showroom, whose design was entrusted to Studio Urquiola. A radical interior refurbishment in profound agreement with the image of the brand combines creativity and innovation.

12.04.17  Dorte Mandrup: Center d'accueil de la mer des Wadden

The Welcome Center of the Wadden Sea (Denmark) opened the 2 February. Made on a site World Heritage of UNESCO by a native son, Dorte Mandrup, the watchword of the achievement is "respect", whether landscape, fauna and flora.

11.04.17  CAUE92: The angle of the shadow

As part of the month of the photo-OFF and the inauguration of its new premises, the Council of Architecture, Planning and Environment of the Hauts-de-Seine (CAUE92), opens with an exhibition "the shadow of the corner," combining photography and architecture, two areas that can sublimate each other.

11.04.17  Studio Nendo: Jellyfish vase

At the Salone del Mobile 2017, Jill Sanders showroom presented the exhibition "Nendo: Invisible outlines" bringing together the last sixteen creations of the Japanese agency of the same name. Among them, Jellyfish vase as an aquatic facility as poetic as translucent vases extra fine silicone dance to the rhythm of a lazy stream. Immersion in nendo universe, aka Oki Sato.

10.04.17  Bengo Studio: Qiyunshan Tree House

In Huang Shan, China, the heart of a resort, architects Bengo Studio erect an original building of 120 square meters of floor area that offers a panorama 360 degrees on the mountain pine positioned 197 days a year the head in the clouds.

07.04.17  Garcés.De Seta.Bonet Arquitectes and Serra-Vives-Cartagena Strasbourg Court

Built in 1897 by the Danish Skjold Neckelmann the Strasbourg Court House is one of the architectural landmarks of the city. 15 After years of negotiations, the court has finally been restored to 2013 2016 by Spanish agencies Garcés.De Seta.Bonet Arquitectes and Serra-Vives-Cartagena, winners of a year earlier.

07.04.17  On architectures: Le Grand Paris Writers

What news for the Grand Paris in spring 2017? The latest architectural competition for future stations of the automatic subway? The first results of the consultations will reinvent the Metropolis or the Seine? The highly anticipated inaugurations of several flagship equipment? Another event attracted our attention: the publication in January, the new novel by Aurélien Bellanger. Considered in its metropolitan dimension, the capital she also regenerate his fictional matrix? We asked several contemporary writers, whom we asked to comment on the imaginary charge and the symbolic significance of some of the projects that are now the architectural events of Greater Paris.