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06.12.17  Snøhetta: Aesop

Between the Norwegian architecture agency Snøhetta and the Australian cosmetics brand Aesop, it's a real love story that began when the firm entrusted the studio to design its shop in Oslo (Norway). Six other stores followed. The latest, located in London (UK), has been imagined as a futuristic haunt of villains by James Bond.

06.12.17  CoCo Architecture : 7.77

Who could believe that this mysterious parallelepiped adorned with gold enthroned in the middle of a meadow of the commune of Olemps (12) conceals in fact a hall and a library? And yet! This simple and contemporary creation, conceived by the French of CoCo Architecture, enhances the cultural programming of this village of Occitanie.

05.12.17  Jeroen Peters : Spatial Interactions

If for many, the brutalist architecture evokes only an overwhelming mass, for the Dutch photographer Jeroens Peters it is quite the opposite. His series Spatial Interactions, testifies indeed his fascination for the current in a set of still more poetic and aerial clichés, which depict the constructions in an almost surreal or even abstract way.

05.12.17  SLA: Maersk Tower / SUND Nature Park

Designed by the Danish architect CF Møller in 2016, the forecourt of the Mærsk Tower of the University of Copenhagen is adorned with greenery thanks to the intervention of the local planning and landscaping agency SLA. The project is divided into two parts: the construction of a large park, the SUND, at the foot of the tower and the greening of the flat roofs of the building at the bottom. A landscaping project that earned its designers to receive the Scandinavian Green Roof Award.

04.12.17  James Macdonald Wright and Niall Maxwell: Caring Wood

In the heart of a Kent meadow (England), funny turrets grip. Designed by the architects James Macdonald Wright and Niall Maxwell, they belong to a house housing three generations of the same family who diverts the codes of oast houses, vernacular constructions of the south-west of the country.

04.12.17  Ionna Vautrin: The Cavaliere

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is going down and we all have only one desire: to go home and wrap ourselves in a duvet with a hot drink. If the sight of your grandmother's kettle depresses you in advance, Ionna Vautrin adds a last touch of sweetness to this program thanks to La Cavalière, an original teapot imagined for the brand Palais des Thés.

01.12.17  Nguan: Singapore

If in Paris, winter gives us cold shades, Singapore seen by the local photographer Nguan is adorned with pastel colors all seasons. Fairytale tones found in his film series Singapore and in an eponymous book, released last summer.

01.12.17  Jean-Paul Viguier and Associates: Muse

After more than eleven years of studies and works, the Muse shopping center has just opened its doors in the new district of the Amphitheater in Metz (57). Opposite the Pompidou Center built in 2010 by Shigeru Ban, the 37 000 square-meter building with its imposing stilts, overhung with a checkerboard glass façade, is a new emblem of the city.

30.11.17  Grzywinski + Pons: Hôtel Eden Locke

In the heart of the New Town district of Edinburgh (United Kingdom), a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is the Eden Locke Hotel. Directed by the American design and development agency Grzywinski + Pons, this green setting is bathed in pastel shades, warmly adorned with wooden furniture.

30.11.17  Event: Like a story ... Le Havre

Until 18 next March, the city of Le Havre is unveiled in photos through atypical shots made by 17 painters, photographers and filmmakers. Presented at the MuMa, André Malraux Modern Art Museum, the exhibition offers a multitude of stories, from fictional to journalistic, paying tribute to an inspiring city-port.

29.11.17  Christopher Pierre Louis Dessus and Ubalt Architects: Corea Corner

Developed in partnership with the Paris agency Ubalt Architectes, the hand-to-hand Christopher Pierre Louis Dessus, creator of PAF! - Architecture and printed publications workshop - and director of Pli, architecture and graphic design magazine, imagine in a pop-up store a pastel boudoir presenting achievements of Korean designers selected by the magazine say hi to_ and the Korean Institute of Design (KIDP).

29.11.17  Jasper Leonard: New York Resized

"The big apple", "the city that never sleeps" ... So many periphrases to describe the size of the American metropolis to multiple skyscrapers. Thanks to the effects of focus, the Belgian photographer Jasper Leonard is playing with this gigantism and scale reports, in a book released last November 20, New York Resized. And if, for once, you dominated the east coast of the United States?

28.11.17  Laboratory of Architecture #3 : Mediathek

At the heart of the lush vegetation of Georgia's Vake Park is the Tbilisi Municipal Media Library. Designed by the local Laboratory of Architecture Studio #3, the 1 200 square meter building seems to levitate thanks to a floor dressed in translucent polycarbonate on the one hand and a cantilevered structure of technical fabric on the other hand .

28.11.17  Plano Humano Arquitectos: Pastoral Center

In Lisbon (Portugal), Plano Humano Arquitectos realizes the Santo António de Moscavide Pastoral Center, extension of the eponymous church built in 1995. For a respectful integration into its built environment, the project - comprising seven prayer rooms and three function rooms - is inspired by the original religious building with a clean facade and punctuated by vertical solar shades.

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