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15.03.18  Emmanuelle Moureaux: Color of Time

What color has the time? On the occasion of the inauguration of the Museum of Art and Design Toyama (Japan), the architect Emmanuelle Moureaux responds to this funny question by an immersive installation made of numbers in brightly colored paper. A complex work in which one gets lost, both physically and mentally.

15.03.18  Sergio Mannino Studio: Medly

The cloakroom of an art deco pool? The secret landmark of a team of superheroes? Nothing of the sort. The turquoise case imagined by the studio Sergio Mannino is actually home to a local Medly online prescriptions service, allowing you to come and collect prescription drugs previously ordered through the eponymous application.

14.03.18  Aurélien Debate: Stampville

The talented illustrator Aurélien Débat struck again! After declining his favorite subject, architecture, in multiple books for children, it comes this time with a collection of stamps proposing urban, built and landscape forms. Ink and a little imagination, and a whole city is taking shape!

14.03.18  nLDK Architects: Hey House

How to combine outdoor spaces and privacy in a densely populated residential area? A challenge to which the architects of the Japanese studio nLDK respond with the design of Hey House, a small contemporary house entirely turned towards a hidden courtyard.

13.03.18  Michael Malapert: PAPADOOM KITCHEN

The interior designer Michael Malapert delivers a new Parisian address whose colors are as high as the dishes on offer. Welcome to PAPADOOM KITCHEN, Indian grocery store and restaurant "without any constraint, whether you are a vegetarian child, intolerant to gluten or lactose," says his card.

13.03.18  Alloy Design: Dumbo Townhouses

It is in the fashionable Brooklyn neighborhood of New York (USA) that the Alloy Design agency designs the Dumbo Townhouses, a set of five strip houses with a total area of ​​1 672 square meters of flooring. A project that takes place on the parcel of a former warehouse, the destruction of which offers new housing opportunities in a popular part of the Big Apple.

12.03.18  Sella Concept: Omar's Place

Bring sun and heat to a Victorian building? A challenge brilliantly taken up by the studio Sella Concept with Omar's Place, a contemporary Mediterranean restaurant with noble materials and bright tones, made in the heart of London (England).

12.03.18  NADAAA et Cooper Union : Zhulang Huagai: A Figure for the Nantou Urban Village

As part of the Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture of Shenzhen (China), the American agency NADAAA has partnered with the students of the famous School of Architecture and Art Cooper Union to realize in the village of Nantou a structure whose purpose is to bring people together.

09.03.18  Kate Ballis: Infra Realism

Reinventing a landscape seen and reviewed? That was the mission of the Australian photographer Kate Ballis. She who knows the city of Palm Spring (USA) as her pocket had indeed tired of capturing the same horizons, day after day ... A boredom quickly transformed into a source of inspiration, and which results the series Infra Realism, all in pink.

09.03.18  nendo: Neyuki

With the delicacy that characterizes it, the Japanese studio nendo designs, in collaboration with the Japanese confectionery brand Flanders, mini-cheesecakes overhung with sticks whose stylized form echoes that of fir trees. In a box sprinkled with sugar, the set is reminiscent of the winter landscapes of Hokkaido Island where the candy company is based.

08.03.18  Event: Women in Architecture Award 2018

While debates on gender equality are raging, the Women in Architecture Award has been recognized for the fifth year in a row by the women's architects who have marked the year 2017. A questionable concept that allows however to highlight the work of talented women around the world.

08.03.18  FORMZERO: The Window House

Open a project on the outside ... A problem common to the work of many architects, which everyone interprets in his own way. For the FORMZERO agency, the answer is expressed through the window model, or rather the framing model. A thread that guided the design of the Window House, located in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

07.03.18  DOMANI Architectural Concept: Sky Club House

Designed around the concept of "time", the project has been built to last and even improve over the years. A geometric set, luminous and contemporary, entirely made from concrete whose sobriety does not detract from refinement.

06.03.18  Lucas and Hernández Gil: Casaplata

Inspired by the still lifes of the artist Giorgio Morandi, the new studio Lucas y Hernández Gil, located in the heart of Seville (Spain), combines raw industrial decor and pop and colorful furniture. A futuristic rendering that values ​​the simple and discreet cuisine offered in this restaurant.

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