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12.05.17  MOD: RACE Laboratory

In Singapore, local architects of the MOD (Ministry Of Design) design RACE robotics firm dedicated space in search of engineers specialized in new automation technologies. What better than to offer them a futuristic space to inspire?

12.05.17  Bigert & Bergström: Solar Egg

This facility, located midway between the egg and the spacecraft, a sauna. Located in Kiruna, the northernmost city in Sweden, the project signed Bigert & Bergström designers aims to promote the town who had to relocate entire neighborhoods following the subsidence caused by the iron ore operations.

11.05.17  Biasol: No. 19

The city of Melbourne (Australia) welcomed a new restaurant, the No. 19, in a delicatessen setting with Mediterranean inspirations of 1950 years: To the delight of fans of vegetarian cuisine and interior design.

11.05.17  NOMA Architects: Bibliothèque à Tjøme

The architects Vincenzo Marchese and Petter Nordahl of NOMA Arkitekter Norwegian Agency rehabilitated the upper floor of a private garage two seats in a spacious and bright library. Thus, the designers were able to revive a traditional building in shaping him a contemporary silhouette up to a cultural design service.

11.05.17  Garcés - De Seta - Bonet Architects: Maison Talbot Wallis

In the hamlet of the Lombards, to Villard-de-Lans (38) takes up a rangy house designed by the Spanish agency graces - De Seta - Bonet Arquitectes, very inspired by the urban planning of the site. The idea is to use the typology of the village square to transpose across individual homes, all set on a hillside overlooking the Vercors plateau.

10.05.17  Meet Patrick Jouin

20 years ago began the career "solo" the designer Patrick Jouin, propelled to the front of the stage by his participation at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Back on the beginnings of this old sapling design, whose talent has been proven today that, though, is reinvented with each collaboration.


10.05.17  Small pm and François Azambourg: States limits of creation

small hotel is the latest of Hermes. His watchwords? Reuse and reinvent. The classic French brand and resume life under the guidance of designers and workshops with which it collaborates. As part of the On Days, small hotel, François Azambourg and the International Glass Art Center present the exhibition "limit states of creation", combining leather and glass.

09.05.17  Hung Nguyen Architects: Pavilion of the Origins

Situated in Hanoi (Vietnam), the origins of the Pavilion is a project combining architecture, design and vegetation, with a selection of plants specially chosen for their depolluting properties. A green lung that brings a breath of fresh air in a sometimes suffocating urban context.

09.05.17  On Days Festival: Let's Play

D'Days festival has just inaugurated its 17e edition staying true to its purpose: to promote the design and creation through dynamic and collective effervescence. To discover in the nave of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris (1er), a selection of works distributed in twenty pavilions.

09.05.17  Line 7 Architecture - T. Bresdin: Athletic Pole André Clousier

It is in the town of Neuburg (27) that the line agencies 7 Architecture and T. Bresdin design the sports center André Clousier, replacing the old gymnasium of Pierre Corneille college. The contractors wanted achieve adequacy structure with sports features of the place while remaining an environmental approach.

09.05.17  Revelations: Prize Young Creation Craftsmanship 2016-2017

The Prize for Young Creation Craft Art, established by Ateliers d'Art de France, is an award that aims to propel designers under 35 years on the front of the stage. For this edition, five winners presented their work during the Revelations lounge. Portrait of the creators become monitor.

05.05.17  SPORTS: Runaway

It is part of the event Takepart | makeart: Taking outdoors art organized by the city of Santa Barbara (USA), the design agency SPORTS presents Runaway installation, winner of the competition of the same name organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara.

05.05.17  Herzog & de Meuron: Feltrinelli Porta Volta

It is in Milan, Porta Volta, historical city gate, the Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron book two symmetrical buildings, the largest of which houses the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation, and the smaller part of the Mayor .

05.05.17  Banksy Hotel Walled Off

After the amusement park in Bristol dismaland, the British street-artist Banksy continues to parody popular culture in artistic and political purposes. His new project, The Walled Off Hotel (literally "the hotel cut through the wall"), referring to the luxury hotel chain, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, takes place in Bethlehem in the West Bank, just steps from the security fence on which the artist had already intervened.