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01.09.17  Ward Roberts: Short

Like a pop song with melancholy lyrics, the New York Courts series Ward Roberts is a paradox. Behind urban spaces in pastel colors immortalized, the photographer represents the isolation of the modern Man through shots of deserted sports grounds.

31.08.17  Saguez & Partners: Design Manufacture

Installed since 2003 in the city of Saint-Ouen (93), the global design agency Saguez & Partners places its suitcases in the district of Docks, more precisely in the old hall Alstom which it rehabilitates in Manufacture Design, Work, reflection, relaxation and creativity.

31.08.17  Alphaville Architects: Suzuka Church

The Japanese agency Alphaville Architects designs a church in the heart of an industrial area in the city of Suzuka, Japan, known for its Honda car factories. Erected to meet the strong growth of the Catholic community, the asymmetric roof chapel echoes the surrounding mountains, symbols of the region.

31.08.17  Zupagrafika: The Constructivist

To all aspiring architects, this book is for you! The Constructivist, published by the creative design studio Zupagrafika, allows everyone to reproduce the greatest architectural masterpieces of the Russian avant-garde eponymous in miniature and colorful versions.

30.08.17  Urban Agency: Faaborg Harbor Bath

In order to upgrade its seafront, the city of Faaborg (Denmark) uses the Danish architectural agency Urban Agency, which carries out the Faaborg Harbor Bath, a multifunctional space for understanding the marine environment in a variety of ways.

30.08.17  Masaharu Asano: Futaori

In the heart of the city of Fukuoka (Japan), nestles a mysterious jewel-box. The Futaori store, conceived by the architect Masaharu Asano, unfolds in a minimalist design overhung by a vegetable blend signed by the Japanese studio Miru Design.

30.08.17  Elding Oscarson: Lund Skissernas Museum

The Skissernas Museum in Lund (Sweden) is expanding! Built by the Swedish studio Elding Oscarson, this bipartite extension of a building dating from 1934 houses the new entrance hall of the institution, its shop and a restaurant.

29.08.17  David Stanley: Acute Intervention

To modernize his apartment on the ground floor of a Victorian mansion in the Southwark district of London (United Kingdom), the English architect David Stanley creates a graphic and luminous extension brimmed with burnt wood, breathing a new breath To a classical home in the United Kingdom.

29.08.17  David Hockney: Retrospective at the Center Georges Pompidou

For its 40 years, the Center Georges Pompidou celebrates another anniversary: ​​that of 80 years of the British artist David Hockney. On this occasion, in collaboration with the Tate Britain Museum in London and the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the museum exhibits the largest retrospective ever devoted to the painter, with a background of Californian architecture and landscapes.

28.08.17  Nendo: Paper Torch

The Japanese studio nendo imagines a modular minimalist lamp simply consisting of a sheet of paper and leds. A stationery-inspired achievement - indispensable in these early school years - to be used in office lighting as well as in torches.

28.08.17  Persimmon Hills Architects: Cut

As part of the Koganecho Bazaar open-air festival held in Kanagawa, Japan, the Japanese studio Persimmon Hill Architects is making an amazing transformation: from a former illegal sex shop into an art gallery with singular dimensions.

28.07.17  Slash Objetcs : Coexist

Coexist is a collection of small furniture combining marble and brass for a result with lines that are noble, geometric and refined.

28.07.17  La Grande-Motte: Land of architecture

La Grande-Motte, chichi, darling, fritters? Certainly, but not that! Since 2010, after obtaining the label Heritage of the 20th century, the city, located a few cables from Montpellier, long subject of sweet jokes such as "Sarcelle-sur-mer" or "La Grande-Moche" ashes. A land of architecture to rediscover as soon as possible.

28.07.17  SHAU: Microlibrary Bima

In order to address the problems of illiteracy in Indonesia and the exile of students to countries better equipped for educational infrastructure, the 100 Microlibraries program aims to make reading and libraries more accessible to disadvantaged populations. Built by the international architecture agency SHAU, Microlibrary Bima is the first of a long series to come.

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