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20.06.17  Arch Studio: Twisting Court

Arch Studio, based in Beijing, China, rehabilitates a siheyuan - a traditional Pekingese house with a patio - in the historic Dashilar district. With the new developments of the courtyard and the interior designed by the architects, this former private accommodation becomes an atypical and intriguing rental space of the city center.

19.06.17  BIG: The film

After the films Mr. Foster - on the eponymous architect, Sketches on Frank Gehry, or Rem, addressing the work of Dutchman Rem Koolhas, Bjarke Ingels, aka BIG, releases his biopic: BIG TIME. A work that, although it invokes the genius of the young Danish creator, finds its place between the documentary and the romantic Z-series.

19.06.17  Heatherwick Studio & Foster + Partners: Cultural Center Bund Finance Center

Integrated at the Bund Finance Center Shanghai Business Center, this cultural complex is characterized by a mobile metallic cladding inspired by the openings of traditional Chinese theaters. It is the result of a collaboration between the architects of Foster + Partners and the designers of Heatherwick Studio.

16.06.17  MAAC and Concrete: CitizenM

The Dutch group CitizenM opens an establishment in France, in the heart of the Defense district (92). The concept is simple: create a hotel that meets the needs of business travel - conference and meeting rooms, free wifi, simplified check-in - in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

16.06.17  Plastic Fantastic: Loud Shadows

In the midst of a forest on the island of Terschelling (Netherlands), an enchanted bubble floats. Loud Shadows, set up as part of the Dutch cultural festival Oerol, is a special artistic and landscape scene. Throughout the event, this transparent spherical space hosts a multitude of artistic performances.

16.06.17  AAD: Guyancourt Hospitality and Tourism School

In Guyancourt (78), the agency Architectures Anne Démians rehabilitates a high school of hotel and tourism. In terms of both form and form, this major intervention aims at reconsidering a complex architecture inherited from the 1970 years and smoothing out the different stigmas and the resulting modalatures, in order to better reveal the original volumetry: that of a steamer.

15.06.17  Young talents: From the side of you 2017

In January 2017, Du Côté de Chez Vous appealed to all the designers, students, craftsmen or simple enthusiasts, proposing to them to imagine a project of "Games of (construction)". The constraint was to produce an easily reproducible object that would then be made available to everyone in open-source. The work of these designers of tomorrow will be exhibited from 9 to 13 September on now! The Off at the Paris Design Week 2017.

14.06.17  Susanna Fritscher: Just air, light, and time

The Patio of the Museum of Art of Nantes (44), one of the centerpieces of the establishment, will welcome Susanna Fritscher, for its reopening on 23 next June, after 6 years of renovation and extension works. The Austrian artist appropriates this space by presenting the exhibition "Nothing but air, light, and time".

14.06.17  Agence Desjeux Delaye: Hotel Bob

Bob, what a curious name for a hotel! It is actually the acronym of Business On Board and is intended to accommodate both tourists and companies looking for co-working spaces. A place signed by the agency Desjeux Delaye, to discover in the 14e arrondissement of Paris.

14.06.17  He Jingtang: Hall of Crime Evidences

In Harbin, China, a series of dark and enigmatic volumes takes place on the former stronghold of the 731 unit of the Japanese army. Built by architect He Jingtang, this building recalls the war crimes that occurred during the Japanese occupation of Manchuria (1931-1932), in a permanent exhibition called "Hall of Crime Evidences".

13.06.17  Sabine Marcelis: Radiant

Until the 30 July, the New Zealand and Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis exhibited his new Fuse collection at the Gallery S. Bensimon. The opportunity to discover a series of luminaires realized in collaboration with the CIAV (Center International d'Art Verrier) of Mesisenthal (55), known for the excellence of its know-how in the field of blown glass.

13.06.17  Link Arkitektur: Øvre Tomtegate 7

Along the Glomma River (Norway), a family acquires a 19th-century farm with the project of annexing a space revisiting the region's architectural codes in a contemporary dwelling.

12.06.17  Vo Trong Nghia Architects: Binh House

At a time when the urbanization of Vietnamese cities is raging, Vo Trong Nghia Architects agency imagines, south of Ho Chi Minh City, a 233 square-meter house combining urban dwelling model and integration of many green areas Within the housing itself.

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