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The economic, societal and environmental changes that challenge our world for the past few decades, and nobody seems to have completely taken the measure, are invited in the urban field. In favor of migration crises, state failure and an overheated climate, planners, architects, actors of development or simple citizens question the manufacture of such territories we practice for decades. It is to these new ways of thinking that we were interested in this case, seizing the opportunity we offered the first edition of the Biennale Architecture Lyon, which runs from June to 8 9 2017 July. In Sugar, in the district of Lyon Confluence, this ambitious event is betting experiment in direct processes and collaborative practices of design and construction, which renew the traditional approaches. It will be nothing short of opening the debate to collectively rethink our ways of producing the city of tomorrow, and you are invited to participate. A dossier produced by Stephanie Bell.

EDITORIAL / in the engine

Hyper-moderno, hyper-organic, hyper-minimalist, hyper-programmatic hyper-austere, hyper-raw, hyper-green: for three decades, all kinds seem to have been pushed to their limits. Our environment is so heterogeneous that it produces different causalities as to generate forms as contradictory? Or do we not rather suffer-a bawdy poses some architects parent to gain market share?

In response to the random catalog of styles and aesthetics exhaustion it causes, would it not be beneficial to try to regain legitimacy to forms that are given to space, back to two key questions : in this ever-changing world, how to make the architecture, landscape and the city, and how about that? When everything changes - the conditions for the control and implementation, environmental requirements, the requirement of participatory processes - can we even conceive using the same methods during the triumphant modern reconstruction? Certainly not, and that's what the Lyon Biennale of Architecture aims to show us the 8 9 June to July: along with new actors, architects already working otherwise. But how to account for these new ways to approach the project? The team of the Biennale was a little crazy bet to show us these multidisciplinary teams inventing or experimenting these processes. Their ambition is to give us the opportunity to understand in vivo how their projects materialize and report directly accountable to the public. While obviously inviting you to participate in this event, we wanted to in our monthly record introduce the issues and questions that underlie it. Emmanuel Caille

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